Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

It has been literally forever since I have posted. We have been to Arizona, West Palm Beach and now are finally home. My grandmother (my Dad's mom) unfortunately passed away last week at 83 years old. We were very sad to see her go but glad I was able to see her during our recent trip. Work is still crazy and life has just been a mess. The boys and I were extremely sick on our trip to Arizona and then took another week to get better after returning home. We were fine during our trip to West Palm but now the boys are sick again. It is still hotter than anything outside but at least there was a nice cool breeze tonight. Hopefully things are on the up-swing from here.
So for Halloween the boys were both Hobos. It was cheap, easy and super cute! I will try to post some of the pictures (very few) from our trips and some recent stuff as I have been so horrible about posting anything lately.

Jeff and Nick at our Church's Fall Festival playing a game. Nick had a great time!

Alex in his hobo outfit. He was really cute, kind of looked like a dirty little boy.

Nick giving me a silly face after having WAY too much sugar!

Me and the boys at the fall festival.

Jeff and Nick shooting a paint ball gun. Yay!