Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hippy mama

So maybe you didn't know it, but I am a hippy through and through (aside from the drug thing). See how you match up to my hippy list, I am working on doing more but it is always a struggle to add a new habit.

1. I have always used cloth diapers. I love them and would never change, no matter how many loads I have to do a day/week. I am lazy, I do diapers every 3-5 days and I won't even tell you what they look like in this humid bug loving weather.

2. I also use cloth wipes and cloth napkins/paper towels. I have gotten Jeff to agree to this and although he sometimes uses paper napkins, he prefers the cloth. They are cleaner, bigger and just better for the environment and the family. You can reuse them several times before washing and then just throw them in with the diapers.

3. We recycle. This isn't as easy as it sounds but we do it religiously. Not only do we recycle garbage, we recycle EVERYTHING. I save cups, I will sometimes buy a different brand simply because of the package it comes in. I save every oatmeal container I use for storage and organizing toys and crafts. You would be amazed at what you can do with your garbage. I have gone so far to buy the little Gerber cups from someone online to use for homemade baby food. They rock! (if you have these and throw them away, please stop, I will pay for shipping:)

4. I don't eat fast food. Seriously, fast food accounts for 1% of the country's waste. Diapers alone account for .01%, that is a huge difference and a huge waste. I have boycotted McDonald's for the past 10 years. I refuse to even use their playground or touch their sodas (like I would drink soda).

5. We eat whole foods when possible. I love whole foods and have noticed a huge difference since eliminating "enriched" wheat products. Check the labels, everything is enriched and a lot of it has high fructose corn syrup or products I have no idea what they do added. We eat as close to whole foods as possible, it may not be the best for you (say bacon!) but it is close to its original form. If it is more than a few steps from original form, it isn't good for you and has a ton of preservatives.

6. We ride our bike. We try to ride or walk whenever possible. Not always possible but we try to choose the store closer to home or the group of them so that we can walk between them. We actually rarely shop new anyway. I shop at the Salvation Army a lot (1/2 off days) and also go to a lot of garage sales.

7. If its yellow leave it mellow, if its brown, flush it down. Think about it - 5 gallons of water PER FLUSH!

8. Faster showers, save time by not shaving (just kidding, Jeff won't let me do that) Shave with the water off or turn it off for a few minutes while you clean/shave.

9. Keep the lights off during the day, use candles. We try to keep as many lights off as possible, Nick always remembers this. We also try not to use the a/c, we live in Florida though and seriously, it is hot and humid! (and if you leave the doors open the bugs and spiders get in, doesn't happen as often as it should).

10. Buy used. Not only is it cheaper, you are recycling the item and saving a few more years from a half century in the land fill.

11. Tankless water heater. We recently installed this and it runs on electric. I actually hate it but it does save energy and water. If you run on Gas I recommend it, otherwise, skip it. We also use low water usage toilets,

So while I am trying a lot, I know I could try more. What do you do that would be helpful.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Things are really good. We have been crazy busy. I got a new job, quit the daycare and then found out my old boss is going to re-open the firm. So things are really good, just really busy. I got this email and thought I would share with anyone who didn't get it. I won't be going but it looks like it will be pretty fun.

PHS Class of 1998 Ten Year Reunion

Friday-Sunday, July 4, 5, & 6, 2008

Friday: Rodeo 7:30pm—Prescott Rodeo Grounds

Our class will have its own section at The World’s Oldest Rodeo! Call Prescott Frontier Days rodeo ticket office as soon as possible to reserve tickets. They will only be held for a limited time. Tickets must be ordered by phone at (928) 445-4320. Be sure to mention that you are with the Class of 98. Tickets are $17, are located in the lower J section, and are on reserve under hold number (500-132). Enjoy a Prescott tradition with your family, friends, and ’98 alumni!

Saturday: Dinner 7:00pm—Prescott Resort

Come to our main event! We will greet familiar faces, have dinner, dancing, drinks, and enjoy presentations on Saturday night. Tickets are $45 per person. Please send checks or money orders to the address below before June 1, 2008.

Class of 1998 PHS
420 Miller Valley Road
Prescott, AZ 86301

Sunday: BBQ 11:30am—Granite Creek Park

Bring your family, friends, food, and drinks to an informal BBQ at Granite Creek Park. We will have activities for kids and adults and a last chance to catch-up with old friends.