Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Okay, so on Monday Nick and I went out to Bob's office to check the mail and pick some stuff up. While we were out there we decided to grab a bite to eat. There was the cutest little deli that had a good variety for a pretty good price. While ordering our Fritatas (2 for $.99) and our pigs in a blanket ($.99 each) I commented on how interesting the Rediculously garlicy baby octopus was. The lady asks "Would you like to try some?" I thought, $8.99 a lb. and I don't know if I would ever order it anywhere else - "yeah, sure". So she got a little cup and fork and handed it to me. Nick says "I want some of that". I slowly pulled off a piece for him and gave it to him with the strict instructions "just don't spit it out on the floor". He started eating it and LOVED IT! I did myself as well! It was soooo good, we got some more to go, even at $8.99 a lb., it was that good! The women at the deli were quite impressed with Nick's "mature palet" as was I. We tried to talk Jeff into eating some with us when we got home but he chose not too. It is similar to Calamari but way better and less chewy in my opinion. Alex got in on it for dinner and we all enjoyed it thoroughly. Much better without all the garlic though! I highly recommend it and I will definitely be trying it the next time I see it on a menu!

Alex spent about 25 minutes sucking and chewing the heck out of this thing. In the end he started crying because he couldn't get anything to eat! It was a lot of determination but really amusing to watch, I should have taken video!
(I called it Octopussy, like 007 and someone looked at us funny at the store. For some reason, I couldn't stop calling it that. It was hilarious to hear Nick say it but from now on, we will always have Octopussy - it was way more fun to say too!)

Nick's room!

A while back we got Nick a new bed at a yard sale. It cost about $15 and it was a bunkbed that had been cut in half. It was EXACTLY what I was looking for and Nick really likes it. Now that he is not scared to climb in and out of it he is doing great. You can see I put the crib bumper around it as he is a wild sleeper and I was worried about his huge noggin. We call it his "Cave".
I painted this mural when Nick was supposed to be a girl. The base color is a beautiful periwinkle, girlie but not enough to change the entire room. The turtle is my pride and joy, Nick's favorite too!
We reorganized the room today when I decided that Nick has WAY too many toys and he needs some help in deciding what to play with. So we got rid of about 5 garbage bags and some other large stuff and put his train table and one train in his bedroom. What a difference that makes!
The "CAVE" and his train. I wanted to make it a reading nook but that hasn't really worked out too well, so it is just a fun cave. We got rid of all of the other toys that were in here, Nick has already started playing more!

You can almost read our "rules" on the back of the door.
1) Show Respect! (our hardest learned lesson yet)
2) Be Kind
3) Be Truthful
We figured everything would pretty much fall under one of these categories and it has worked really well for us.
And lastly, a great video of Nick from tonight. He took a quick cat nap while being punished in his bed and therefore was up WAY too late. This is what happens when he stays up past his bed time - he was literally crawling the walls! Jeff got home from work and we couldn't stop laughing while watching this video. I hope you enjoy the good laugh!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Diaper tutorial

So this is a quick little video about what I use for my cloth diapers and an overall of what is what. Not too detailed so let me know if you want more information or descriptions. Our diapering journey started as such:

I got knocked up. I had a SUPER hippy friend I worked with and we started talking about the effect of diapers on the environment and our dumps, as human feces were not intended to be put into our landfills. I started searching the net and found some really cheap and easy cloth diapers at Babies R Us. After some more searching I found the DiaperPin.com and looked up some reviews. I was really happy with pocket dipes and that is what I went for.

We had a large number of pocket diapers called Wonderoos. They were a little expensive but a one-size diaper so we didn't need to get new sizes with the growing of the baby and therefore would spend less overall. Not really true but that is what we believed.

After Nick was about 2 I started looking at Diaperswappers and found a whole world of other diapers out there as we had always had a leaking problem with Wonderoos. We started getting some used fitteds and really liked Little Beetle brand as they are extremely absorbant and trim fitting under clothes.

After I got knocked up again I started looking into it more and found wool options. I got some and LOVED it! So great for Nick at night and for once he didn't leak during the night as he did with every other diaper including disposables. Wool was the way to go. We ordered mainly Little Beetles and other fitteds and wool - specifically Celtic Wolf Creations, by far the best wool out there for a wrap. There are also Longies - crocheted or knitted pants, Shorties - crocheted or knitted shorts, Merino wool - a wrap or shorts or pants in a cotton type of cover. The great thing about Little Beetles is they have fit both Nick and Alex at the same time and that was awesome! Alex can still fit in them and will for a very long time and then I can re-sell them to regain some of the money.

We have been really happy but now the Little Beetles have started to fall apart in our really strong washer and I have tried other fitteds and loved them, such as Bizzy Bee Hive diapers, Peewells, Little Fishey and First Class. All have been excellent and I specifically enjoy Peewells and Bizzy Bee Hive. They are rare on Diaperswappers but worth it if you can find a deal. I am in between on wool or PUL but have pros and cons with both, leaning more towards PUL right now.

(FYI: PUL - outside waterproof material, Polyester Urethane Layer; Aplix - velcro; Snaps - snapping closure - I think I named some of these wrong in the videos)

*Please excuse the twig and berries!*

Sunday, August 19, 2007


(I got most of these in the picture except the purple one in the far right and the pink one) Since Nick was supposed to be a girl pink and purple aren't so bad on a boy!
There is a circus, tie dyed ones, baseball and dragons!

I am sooo excited!
I just got some new diapers in and it is too much to bear. I got some new fitteds (these go next to the bum with a cover that is waterproof, wool, or fleece over that) and they are the cutest things. They are a new brand that I got a great deal on from a mom who no longer needed them, $5.00 each which is dirt cheap as these run for $18 new. They are called Bizzy Bee Hive dipers (http://www.bizzybhive.com/) and so far they are great. I have more that are coming this week that are called All in 2s (AI2) they are a water resistent outer and two layers of absorbing material inside, when the inside is dirty, you remove it and put in a new soaker and you do that until the outside is dirty/wet. Pretty cool - might sound gross but it is awesome! I only have 2 AIO (all in ones) which are just a diaper that you throw on and don't do any extra layers or inserts. I mainly have wool covers and hemp fitteds along with my cotton prefolds (the old fashioned kind). Diapers have come a LONG way from where they used to be and I love it!

I also got some prefolds - a larger size of what I had before - Indian unbleached DSQ and I am expecting some Dream-Eze diapers and some Motherease covers this week. Woo Hoo!!

So now I am selling some of my old stuff and it is so much fun. There is a lot of interest and I am making some good money. Not if you do the actual math of how much I spent, but I choose not to look at it like that. I am sure if we had used disposables it would have been much more!
we got this car one too!
Cloth diapers ROCK!!!
If you want to see the HUGE amount of diapers I am selling, check them out at: http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=207718&highlight=aristocrat
I have a posting in every section but they are all the same.
Welcome to the new diapering world. Where we not only reuse our diapers, we reuse others diapers as well! Don't even get me started on Mamma cloth!

Friday, August 17, 2007

The boys

Here are some pictures I got of the kids this morning. I think they turned out great and I can't wait to get some new frames to hang these up. The girls working there this morning did a much better job then usual and I was really happy!

We got this one of them on their tummies. It was sooo cute!

I was tempted on this one of them holding hands but Nick looked like a goof and Alex looked weird.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

What the hey!

So I am not trying to be a downer but a lot has happened lately. My boss decided to close the firm since we can't get our bills paid from our #1 client (90k outstanding) and since he is not in great health and therefore can't get insurance - life insurance, disability or just plain old health insurance, we have to close shop. I personally believe it is more his wife's choice, but what difference does it make. He is moving to Tallahassee to work for Citizens at the end of the month. Soooo, I am out to look for some attorneys who will pay me on a monthly basis to work from home. I know the attorneys are out there, I just have to find them! So we are crazy busy with transferring files and finishing up the basics on everything.

Sunday, our car was broken into. They broke the driver's window and stole my walet/day planner. Not a huge deal and I was able to cancel everything and there was only about $10 in my wallet at the time. It cost $175 to fix the window and we don't dare make an insurance claim because we don't want to get kicked out and because our deductible is $500. They didn't even unlock the door or take the hundreds of other items scattered throughout the van. Perhaps they felt the same way I do every time I look at it that it just isn't worth it to search for something. The worst part of it is I think it might have been our new neighbors across the street. I try not to make impressions early on but they are missing teeth and have no phone or jobs. One of the daughters (around 40 years old) came over to use the phone several times during the day and during one of the times she was out front for about 30 minutes right next to the van. So today when she came to borrow the phone again, she was told "no, it isn't a good time right now", I have to wait until she tries again so I can have Jeff tell her she isn't welcome anymore. I am such a wimp.

Jeff is working 6 days a week right now to get his hours to an acceptable average before the end of the quarter for benefits. They have to stay at an average of 32 even when you go out of town and take a few days off. We only have until the end of the month so for the last 3 weeks he has only taken 1 day a week off. It is rough for him but I think worse for me since it is during the evening and I have to take care of so much at that time - feed girls, dinner, baths, bedtime, etc. Doesn't sound like a lot but it sure feels like it.

(Carrying roughly 50 lbs. and walking two dogs!)
On the upside, I only have about 10 more pounds to lose to get all of the baby-weight gone. So I went for a walk today with the girls. I usually put Nick in a backpack and push Alex in the stroller, but I am desperate now. I threw Alex in my Mai-Tai carrier and Nick on my back and huffed and sweat all the way around the block. Now I just need to do some sit-ups and I will be all set for the night.

I also got to talk to my Mom tonight which was great. We had a wonderful adult conversation and it was really pleasant. She actually has a lot going on right now and I am really proud of her!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Morphing brothers

The boys have started to look alike! Not that they started out that far from eachother but they seem to be looking more alike every day. Alex adores Nick and Nick will adore Alex if it gets him some attention from us.

Alex is a food HOG!

What a happy little boy!

Another book

So I just realized that I read 311 pages in roughly 2 days. I didn't read it nonstop or that fast either. Apparently I have started reading faster than I used to. Either way, at least it is more efficient! (which I am all about efficiency) I just finished The Hearts of Soldiers. A very good fictional book about a girl and the troubles throughout her life and the history of her life and her family's life haunting her. It was really good and it turns out fiction is much easier to read (shocker I know). This was much better than my last two books and next I am going to try to get a book Heather recommended. Any other suggestions?

The Loneliest Road - Campaign

Sydney Sims lives in Brandon, Florida and is a friend of the Mayhews. Sydney has a very aggressive form of Neuroblastoma, she’s relapsed twice. Her body rejects the most effective form of treatment for kids like her. A new treatment has been offered up as a chance, a chance that would raise her odds from 20% to 60%....that’s from 20% to 60% that she’ll LIVE. Now, if that was your child, what would you do for that extra 40% chance? To get this this drug manufactured will take 3-5 million dollars! Would you let a measly 3 million dollars stand between your child and a treatment that could save her life? I think not!

Sydney’s dad, Kevin Sims, is gathering with other Neuroblastoma dads from across the world to band together and fight for this treatment. In September, they are taking the Lonliest Road. They will be biking from California to Washington D.C. as a way to raise awareness, raise money for this treatment, to give their kids a fighting chance, and to give hope to all the kids out there. Please keep this group in your prayers, check out the website they’ve set up at www.loneliestroad.org. Support them in any way you can, if it’s a donation, if it’s an email of prayer and support, if it’s connecting them with someone who you think would be interested in sponsoring their efforts….just take a minute and do it. If you’re thinking, I can’t afford it….if it was your child, wouldn’t each and every precious dollar count?

Monday, August 13, 2007

Recent pictures

I didn't want to add a million posts so I just did a photo strip. Enjoy! (I just found out I love Indy music, it rocks!)





American POWs in Korea, Sixteen Personal Accounts

Nationally acclaimed as the Worst Book EVER!

So I just got done reading this book after reading a ton of war books lately. This was HORRIBLE! It could have easily been written by a 13 year old boy who doesn't like to read! I can now describe the basics of the Korean war but I honestly have very few facts to base my information off of. I thought the last book I read was bad, that was perfection in comparison. I am going to have to search the library to find a new Korean War book that is better written and factual so that I can be truthful and know what I am talking about! So, if by chance, you are looking for a great book on the Koren War or the POWs thereof, don't read this one! (of course I finished it, what am I, a quiter? - and it was short!)

(Seriously, all this guy did was publish some letters from POWs that were scattered in thought and not collaberated by facts in any way shape or form. At the end of each chapter was a "Helpful Information" section that still had nothing to do with the individual's account of their time in a Korean POW camp. Although interesting stories, poorly executed).

So that is the end of my rant, on to more interesting stuff:

(Sarah, I am actually wearing makeup! Aren't you proud.)

Is Alex actually getting bigger than Nick? At a doctor's appointment earlier in the week he was about 18.5 lbs. Nick is almost 28! Seriously I am gettig an awesome workout carrying them at the same time!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Our boys! (we had to add Jeff!)

Jeff is the middle child. His father married, had two boys and a girl, divorced, married again and had three boys, divorced, married again and his new wife had three daughters. So, he is actually the 5th child of his dad and the second of his mom. Wow, that is even more confusing in writing!

Jeff on the left and Lorrin on the right.

Nick - 7.5-8 months

Alex - 8 months (he even has the same crooked smile!)

My assistant

Nick loves his "Mr. Potatoe Head" glasses. He frequently will "work" in my office and doesn't make too big of a mess - most of the time.

"Would you care for a spot of tea?"

Nick has trouble with drooling, not on accident, on purpose. You have to yell at him to swallow because he will keep liquid (specifically juice, we have probably deprived him) in his mouth for almost an hour and then forget, start talking and drool it all over the place. He apparently loves to savor it!
Nick has recently started to sing. He is still a little cautious about it but he sings head shoulders knees and toes, itsy bitsy spider and some of the alphabet song. We are very proud of him. He can also count - 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 10 - Yay! We are working on that but he is doing very well.

Nick also believes that brother needs to sing now. He tries to get him to sing with the microphone and Alex actually makes some noise in there sometimes.

Nick loves his train puzzle.

The boys are working on their sharing and the more Alex can do the happier Nick is, as long as Alex doesn't touch anything that Nick enjoys or plays with in any way. Nick will usually trade a good toy for a different toy with Alex. A few toys have ended up on the trash due to Nick's inability to share, but he is trying.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

I now pronounce you. . . The PooPoo Prince!

It has been a long, hard battle and it is still being fought but Nick has started to poop on the toilet. Granted, he has to play while he does it and it takes roughly 30-60 minutes to get done, but, it has happened! We actually went to Walmart on Tuesday and he pooped there after telling me he had to go. (After a mad rush to the bathroom - that store is HUGE! I had to ask the cleaning guy to let us in, he said no until I was about to go into the men's room and then he said, fine, but I don't understand why you just don't wait! I had to beg Nick to actually poo but the airplane treat he received apparently worked and we continued on to the toy aisle to get a wonderful airplane and car for his efforts!) Since that day he has told me 3 times he has had to go. The frozen treat or special chocolate he gets does seem to work, but I don't care as long as he does it in the toilet.

We also went to the Aquarium recently and I walked away with these two great shots. These birds are all over the state and you can find them in the wild and get fairly close to them. They are much easier to see at the aquarium though and I was pretty pleased with the outcome of the shots. Jeff and the boys didn't enjoy the delay but the pictures are totally worth it.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Mighty Mighty Mayhews

Our friends, the Mayhews have a 3 year old daughter, Peyton, with cancer (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia - ALL). Peyton is the cutest thing you have ever seen and her family is incredibly wonderful and fighting for a cure. Anissa is on the committe for the Pediatric Cancer Foundation and their team is called the Mighty Mighty Mayhews. I wanted to put this on here for anyone who would like to donate or sponsor this wonderful family. 100% of the proceeds goes to finding a cure for childhood cancers. Everyone who would like to support them with sponsorship in this effort can do so at this page:

Sponsor the Mighty Mighty Mayhews!

Also, if you can help them meet their goal by sending an email to all those you know it will help them rock the Walk and every bit of the proceeds are going straight to the Pediatric Cancer Foundation.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Its been a while.

So it has been a long time since my last post. I have taken a ton of pictures but haven't had the chance to upload them. A lot has been going on lately and we have just been so busy! Nick has started pooping in the toilet!!!! Not easily and not very willingly but a fudgecicle will do wonders. He poops in it almost every day and is trying his hardest not to take an hour to do so. Alex is on the brink of crawling and is happy as a clam. He just got a new tooth in and is just growing like crazy. I think he might need a haircut pretty soon because it is getting out of control!

Work has been crazy lately with tons of scheduling and tapes and letters and other miscellaneous things. We are horribly busy but there might be some really big changes coming up that I am not too happy about. I will have to update more on that when information is available.

I just finished reading: "The Good Man of Nanking" - great book of the diary of John Rabe which continues my obsession of the Pacific War and the Ruso-Japanese war (exact time frame of the Anne Frank Diary), "Flags of Our Fathers" Not as great as his second book - Flyboys, but still well written; I also just finished "Given Up for Dead" - good story but poorly written and even worse execution of it. I am glad I finished it but not a good one for reading the entire thing, more of a fact checking book. I am about to start some other non-fiction war books such as: "American POWs in Korea", "A Soldier's Heart", "The March of the Red Army" and one other I can't remember right now. I tried to get a fiction this last time but couldn't find one on the 10 minute allotment Jeff allowed me at the library. Perhaps later this week. Any suggestions - I like historical fiction and non-fiction about WWII (obviously).

Jeff has finally been able to switch to days on Mondays and Tuesdays so I won't be as crazy on those days and we will get more of a routine going. Nick is always in a bad mood when we are both home so sometimes it is best to have Jeff at work because I can almost get more work done myself. Lately I have been really strict and toys have been flying into the trash faster than anything, but it is working for the most part. He won't stop trying to chase the kitty and step on her tail, but he has lost many things for doing this, including 30 minutes of time and a few cool cars. His language skills have just tripled and he repeats almost everything we say. He doesn't understand when we ask "why" but I'm sure that will come with time.

Nick got a new bed that is a bunk bed that was cut in half. It is really neat because it gives him a "cave" to play in under the bed. We are a little nervous about him falling while trying to climb down the ladder but he is very cautious and does pretty well at it. He also learned to open almost every door in the house. This is great because we can now sleep in while he goes to play and he can let the girls out if the door isn't locked. This is like getting your kid to mow the yard, a huge help for us. Angel goes outside and back inside about 20 times a day so now I can have a little help in getting that done.

I will try to post some pictures soon, but alas, tomorrow is Monday and I am already working trying to catch up. We will have to wait and see. . . .