Monday, February 4, 2008

Alex too

Okay, Alex also started walking so I thought I would show him giving it his best effort here. He has gotten a lot better since this video which was on 1/12/08. (please ignore the horrible mess that is our house, that is another thing I don't have time fore:)

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Hey stranger

So it has been a while. I have been incredibly busy and blogging has just been at the bottom of the list. Although I will occassionally check others sites I haven't had a ton of time. I thought I would post this video as it just cracked me up. They boys have been changing more and more every day. We are thinking about getting Nick into a music class as he just loves to sing and dance. He is singing the Wheels on the bus in this clip I believe. He actually is crammed into a tiny little basket (his bed) and is naked (hence the chest up shot). He was like this when I came out of Alex's room, singing at the top of his lungs - "someone's in the kitchen with DINAH, someone's in the kitchen with DINAH!". I hope everyone else is well and hopefully I will be able to post more about the current happenings soon.

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Also, I recently started a new job, working with two year olds at a daycare. I take the kids with me for 1.5 hours and then Jeff picks them up. It has been really fun (although challenging) and I am still working during the day with the two little ones at my heals. Tiring to say the least.