Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 18

Crappy lighting

More crappy lighting
they were about 50 feet up in this huge old oak tree and I was about 50 yards away. Perhaps a faster f-stop or ISO would have been appropriate, also a little haze on the first shot.
100mm F2

Day 17

A photo shoot that didn't go very well. I need to work on my lighting on bright days - any suggestions? The one of Nick on the left had a reflector blocking the light and you can see a huge difference, too bad it was so flimsy and hard to use!
50mm 1.8

Day 14

Olivia Breen Eichberg
Canon 100mm f2.0
(the new daughter of one of my clients. born on January 12th. This was our impromptu photo session. The lighting was not my favorite but I did what I could with it, next time I will be more prepared.)

Day 16

50mm 1.8 with external flash (a little too much)
Nick loves his play dough, such a fun activity.

Day 15

Crazy Alex. He is 3 years old now and a lot of fun. This is a new apron I made for him and he made a little outfit. We love sock hands in our house!
Canon EOS 20D
50mm f1.8

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 13

The view, technically not mine but right behind me.

41st floor of Bank of America Building. Highest in Tampa (goes to 42 floors).

Day 12

I loved the way these flags hang in front of the buildings. Perhaps better lighting next time as the foreground is just too dark.

Day 11

A plant with some crazy post processing. I don't hate it but I wish you could see the patterns better.

Day 10

The other side of the tracks. I am a total cheater as this is the same day. But lets pretend I am a hard worker and came back the next morning. Such a beautiful sunrise. Too bad I didn't make it to any of the strawberry fields before sunrise.

Day 9

The railroad tracks on my drive into work. Just barely missed the good sunrise but pretty close. I love the way the tracks intersect like two lives overlapping. Can't wait to try this on another day 10 minutes earlier.

Day 8

During my walk to my car. They recently put in this beautiful gate that is closed after hours. It is different portions of currency and absolutely stunning. Too bad I didn't get a crisp shot, next time I will bring lighting.

Day 7

Downtown. I work, a lot!

Day 6

Downtown Tampa, late evening
Canon 20D, wide angle Tokina

Day 5

Downtown Tampa
Canon EOS 20D
Tokina, wide angle - 12-24mm, f4

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 4

Downtown Tampa
Bank of America Building, 41st Floor, Eastern view
Canon 20D
Tokina 12-24mm f4

Day 3

Friendlies, Orlando, FL
Canon 20D
Tokina 12-24mm f4 (new to me!)

Day 2

Bristol Florida (Panhandle)
Canon 20D
28-70mm f3.5

Day 1

Daddy long leg while camping at Torreya State Park

Canon, EOS 20d
100mm f2.8

Florida Caverns, Marianna, FL

Canon 20d
28-70mm f3.5