Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Alex

I can't believe it has already been a year.

It feels like yesterday Alex was a week overdue and I was ready to rip him out of me by force.

Luckily he came shooting out in record time. There are still stains in the van from the infamous day.
It feels like so long ago we were holding that tiny little baby and recounting his story to every person we knew.

I remember making these wool pants while I was pregnant and then after one explosive "black tar" poo I accidentally washed them and they wouldn't even fit a doll after that. But I got the picture I had been planning for months!

Alex has been hugged and kissed and squeezed so hard we thought he would vomit. But he has lived to tell the tale.

He has always been a delightful baby and we hope his wonderful personality continues forever.l.
Alex loves to be the center of attention and loves to say "hi" to every person, car, tree and animal we happen to pass. He loves music and incredibly enjoys the horrible music that his Mommy sings to him. Books are his favorite along with any kind of ball.
It has been a wonderful year and I can't wait to see how much Alex will change over the next year.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

new Camera!

My old camera broke recently when the boys dropped it one too many times. It is now possessed and all pictures are blurry in the face only, much like a recent horror film.
I was pretty stoked to get a new one and did a lot of research before scouring the internet for the cheapest thing around. I finally found the exact one I was looking for at the best deal of the century. I got a Canon SD800IS Elph. It is the exact size of a credit card (we checked), a little thicker but still fits in my pocket. The screen is pretty big and it has 7.1 megapixels. It rocks in so many ways. So far I am getting used to it but it has a lot of really cool features like color spotting (my phrases for finding only one color in a shot) and it will do that while taking video. It also holds up to 30 minutes of video so I won't need a portable video camera. Here are the best shots I got at the park (not a lot as it is blurry and I am still working on figuring out its tricks) It usually ranges from $300-$500.00 new and I got it for a whopping $100 as almost new. I found it in Ohio at this price from a local newspaper add, found it on which was great! Not a scratch and it came with all the original equipment. What a steal!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


So we just got back a few pictures from Nachman Photography, our favorite photographers that do an incredible job!

This is Alex at his "9 month" appointment. I say that because he was actually 10 months. The golf shot was my idea and everyone that I was crazy but we all thought it turned out really good!

Doesn't he look big in these pictures.

Here is Nick on September 27th. He was so good and always gives really good smiles with Sandy.

Alex was having a hard time sitting up at this point.

The family pictures are from October 27th. I think they turned out really nice. It was a really rainy day and the boys were sick and tired but they managed to get a few smiles in.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Full frontal Vomit!

Many things about parenting are really great. Some things are not, one being full frontal vomiting.

Last week Alex and I had a great trip to see Uncle Milton. While being enjoyable, Alex was sick for a couple of days vomiting and sleeping very little during that time. I know I am sleep deprived and tired when I see him vomit in his sleep and just try to move him to a dry spot (the first time) after that I would just try to rearrange the blanket to a dry spot or place a new towel under him. The vomit itself didn't bother me too much as it was all breast milk, the smell on the other hand was a totally different issue.

So while it was difficult to keep my temper in check and to work so hard to keep Alex happy and not vomiting everywhere, we still managed to have a really good time. Uncle Milton offered to help with my bags for the first time in nearly 7 years so that is definitely a milestone.

Milton still loves Alex just as much, even though he doesn't listen and works to get into trouble, laughing at the face of danger (our faces as well). I don't think Milton ever loved Nick this much but at least Alex eats it up. He is actually starting to prefer the elderly when we go out, smart kid!

During the trip Alex seemed to make leaps in his cognitive abilities and now will copy many hand signals for songs or poems. It is really fun and cute.

Five little ducks went out to play. Over the hills and far away.
Mother duck said "Quack Quack Quack"
But only 4 little ducks came back.

A great shot of some birds during the trip. I also saw 3 bald eagles but Alex was sleeping and I didn't dare wake him by stopping for a shot.

While Alex was very sick and vomited on me (and the carpet, bed, chair, tile) several times, I couldn't quite say I got a Full Frontal Vomit. So after my return trip Nick decided to catch the virus and spread it all over me, the couch, the bed, the bathroom, the shower curtain, the toilet, the carpet and of course, himself.

It has been a very long two days. Sunday was particularly great. After a horrible night of sleep with Nick in the bed and vomiting, actually dry heaving about every 45 minutes, Alex woke up at the wonderful hour of 6:30 a.m. sleeping in a whole 30 minutes late. (Jeff goes to work at 6 usually). So we let Nick sleep a little longer and Alex and I went to play. After Nick woke up I made a nice strawberry and bananna smoothie. While I was making this Alex was playing by the front door with our shoes. I gave Nick his sippy cup and while pouring myself a glass I glanced by Alex and noticed a big pile of vomit or poop by one of my shoes (on it as well). I thought, "the cat is locked up, it isn't her. The dogs just got up with me, it shouldn't be them" while I was thinking this I continued to look at Alex. He is covered in poop from head to toe with paper stuck on his butt and leaves stuck on his shirt. His diaper apparently exploded from the back and continued out onto my shoes, Jeff's shoes and everywhere else in between. Soooo, I continue into the bathroom to clean up the little one and Nick starts to cry that his smoothie is too thick for his sippie cup, he needs a new one. So while Nick is whining and crying I put Alex in the tub and continue with his impromtu bath. Everything is a mess and smelled Horrible! So after I finally finish with Alex I got Nick a new cup and Alex one as well. Not a great start but at last, it is over. Alex continued to spread his smoothie all over his outfit in about 5 minutes. I went ahead and took his clothes off and was about to start a load of laundry when Nick vomitted all over the couch (in Strawberry red!). I moved him and cleaned him up and continued to attempt to clean the couch. At this time Nick was begging and crying for more smoothie, oh no, I wasn't about to do that! So I had to take the couch cushion off to get it washed and while doing so in the garage I hear Alex screaming at the top of his lungs, not his usual whine by a painful cry. I run in to find his finger stuck in the entertainment center (usually locked) and smashed to almost nothing. I got his finger out and tried to calm him down. After contemplating rushing him to the hospital I determined it wasn't really that bad and he apparently has very flexible finger muscles that can flatten and then unflatten without a single cut!

So after getting Alex down for his nap Nick and I were just hanging out watching TV and he said he needed to poop, code for throw-up. I took him into the bathroom and just as I am about to turn him around to the toilet it comes flying out, all over me, him, EVERYTHING. So now Nick and I get to take a shower/bath. I was fine until the vomit hit me and I could smell the regurgitated smoothie! I almost lost it but controlled myself and managed to get it all cleaned up. He only threw up a couple more times that day and Alex wasn't in a horrible mood. He had been on a nursing strike for a few days and was in a really bad mood prior to Sunday so we were fortunate that he decided to eat that day so I was no longer engorged and he was no longer so hungry. Although he is still biting regularly, not as bad!

So, now we had to have our A/C repaired today and it had some major problems that required $400 to get fixed. Our A/C unit is too small for our house and we need a new one but can live off the one we have for now and for a while hopefully. We just have to get used to some serious heat at the right time of year. Tomorrow we are taking the van in to get the crunching noise checked out and hopefully it won't break the bank!

Nick didn't vomit last night and Alex is almost nursing normally and the house is actually cool finally. Perhaps the good luck will keep on flowing!

Friday, November 9, 2007

The luck of the felines

The boys being nice to eachother and playing in their car

The escape artist
A couple of funny things have happened recently. So, the first story. The other day I decided to hop in the shower and told Nick, keep an eye on your brother and let me know if he goes anywhere he isn't allowed. No problem, the door is open so I can hear both of them. Nick comes running into the bathroom to tell me that "Alex got out", I said "Alex got out of the sunroom?" Nick doesn't answer and just leaves. So, I assume he got out of the sunroom and since there is a babygate for every other room or dangerous place, no big deal. About 10 seconds later I rethink that and decide to get out a little early to be safe. I go into the sunroom and the back door is wide open. Alex is laying in the grass and have a grand ol' time. Nick told me it was hot so he had to open the door (as we had the day before). It was hilarious!

Alex playing with Shawnee and eating the grass as I think he already finished off the dog food.

So we have had some absolutely incredible weather lately, a nice cool 75 with a slight breeze. So after watching a little Dr. Oz on the Discovery Health channel I decide we need some exercise. I pull out the old bike and ride on up to Cracker Barrel for dinner and to see Jeff. Nick rode up front per usual on the way up and Alex rode up front for the first time on the way back. It was so much fun and Awesome as I didn't have any problems or difficulty so it turns out I am in better shape than I thought. I usually have to stop or slow down on the way and then the way back after eating is a disaster. Not at all this time (Yay!) and it was so much fun! Alex said hello to every person he saw as well as car I think. He loved it and we will be riding our bikes a lot more this winter!

Our newest biker, still wearing his candy corn diaper cover. And yes, he went out in this exact outfit!

Nick honking the horn with Alex

What a big boy he is becoming!

So, due to the great weather, we have been trying to save some money and energy and keep the doors and windows open. We have screens on everything but our back door. I have been enjoying watching the boys play out there and Alex and Nick just love it, the girls can come and go as they please and it really helps to keep the house cool. So the indoor cat, Jenie goes outside as well and explores but when the door is closed she comes back inside. Yesterday she went outside and decided to jump our 6' fence to explore a little further. I guess she is a little overweight and her body just couldn't handle the jump. She came up to the front door crying and not putting any weight on her back leg. I checked it out and it didn't seem broken but she wouldn't walk on it at all. So I took her up to the Vet's office to get it checked out. The doctor took a look and said that it was at the joint and either a break (requiring surgery) or a ligament tear (possibly requiring surgery or strict confinement and rest). I had to leave her in order for the x-ray to be taken that afternoon (and $200 later). The doctor called that afternoon to advise that it is a really bad ligament tear (worst she has ever seen for a cat) and that she has a call into an orthopaedic surgeon to determine if surgery will be necessary but I can come up to pick the cat up with a light bandage. I went to pick her up and while I was there the surgeon called and said that a conservative treatment plan would be okay and most likely surgery won't be required (if it were, we would likely have to put the cat down). So I was extremely happy and emotional and just ready to do whatever it took to keep the cat healthy if not somewhat of a gimp. So for the next 4-6 months she will be living in our bathroom and not jumping or moving too much. At the moment she is in a lot of pain and pretty pissed off in general. She wants out and has only escaped once. I got a dog kennel for her and some other things to help her stay comfortable. Lets hope she heals okay and is still able to jump at least onto the bed.

(picture of Jenie post accident to come soon)

This puts a slight snag in our plans as we are supposed to go to W. Palm on Monday (yes, again and so soon). So Jeff will be staying home with the cat and dogs and Nick and I will be taking Alex to W. Palm for a visit with Uncle Milton. Not too bad but hopefully Alex will be in a good mood and not have too much trouble with his teething.

Hopefully after our trip we will take the car into the mechanic and see what the crunching and sqeaking noise is while backing up and get all sorts of other things fixed at the same time! Lets pray it isn't too much out of pocket as I don't think we can handle too many more emergencies!

Alex in his wool shorts (just for you Shanda)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Brothers on a picnic

Nick has been having a hard time being a 2 year old lately and with Alex starting to move around more I think he is really having problems dealing with his emotions. So, I am trying some different discipline ideas and they seem to be working okay so far. One of them is to spend more quality time and get more sunlight. The weather has been AWESOME with a nice cool breeze and not blaring hot. It almost feels like fall! So we have had a few picnics in the back yard and it has been so much fun. Nick has been playing tea pots and gets to make a huge mess without being yelled at.

He is usually pretty nice to Alex and loves to torture him with hugs (sometimes)

I don't know if he was looking for Alex's boobies or if he was just seeing what was in there, he was also facsinated with his toes.

Alex and Nick both got some graham crackers and shared with the dogs. What a beautiful and fun day. We spent the evening riding bikes with Jeff after he got home from golfing (seriously, 4 hours!) and then getting ready for bed. I hope the rest of the week is this great!