Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hippy mama

So maybe you didn't know it, but I am a hippy through and through (aside from the drug thing). See how you match up to my hippy list, I am working on doing more but it is always a struggle to add a new habit.

1. I have always used cloth diapers. I love them and would never change, no matter how many loads I have to do a day/week. I am lazy, I do diapers every 3-5 days and I won't even tell you what they look like in this humid bug loving weather.

2. I also use cloth wipes and cloth napkins/paper towels. I have gotten Jeff to agree to this and although he sometimes uses paper napkins, he prefers the cloth. They are cleaner, bigger and just better for the environment and the family. You can reuse them several times before washing and then just throw them in with the diapers.

3. We recycle. This isn't as easy as it sounds but we do it religiously. Not only do we recycle garbage, we recycle EVERYTHING. I save cups, I will sometimes buy a different brand simply because of the package it comes in. I save every oatmeal container I use for storage and organizing toys and crafts. You would be amazed at what you can do with your garbage. I have gone so far to buy the little Gerber cups from someone online to use for homemade baby food. They rock! (if you have these and throw them away, please stop, I will pay for shipping:)

4. I don't eat fast food. Seriously, fast food accounts for 1% of the country's waste. Diapers alone account for .01%, that is a huge difference and a huge waste. I have boycotted McDonald's for the past 10 years. I refuse to even use their playground or touch their sodas (like I would drink soda).

5. We eat whole foods when possible. I love whole foods and have noticed a huge difference since eliminating "enriched" wheat products. Check the labels, everything is enriched and a lot of it has high fructose corn syrup or products I have no idea what they do added. We eat as close to whole foods as possible, it may not be the best for you (say bacon!) but it is close to its original form. If it is more than a few steps from original form, it isn't good for you and has a ton of preservatives.

6. We ride our bike. We try to ride or walk whenever possible. Not always possible but we try to choose the store closer to home or the group of them so that we can walk between them. We actually rarely shop new anyway. I shop at the Salvation Army a lot (1/2 off days) and also go to a lot of garage sales.

7. If its yellow leave it mellow, if its brown, flush it down. Think about it - 5 gallons of water PER FLUSH!

8. Faster showers, save time by not shaving (just kidding, Jeff won't let me do that) Shave with the water off or turn it off for a few minutes while you clean/shave.

9. Keep the lights off during the day, use candles. We try to keep as many lights off as possible, Nick always remembers this. We also try not to use the a/c, we live in Florida though and seriously, it is hot and humid! (and if you leave the doors open the bugs and spiders get in, doesn't happen as often as it should).

10. Buy used. Not only is it cheaper, you are recycling the item and saving a few more years from a half century in the land fill.

11. Tankless water heater. We recently installed this and it runs on electric. I actually hate it but it does save energy and water. If you run on Gas I recommend it, otherwise, skip it. We also use low water usage toilets,

So while I am trying a lot, I know I could try more. What do you do that would be helpful.


Emily Loria said...

Hey Lorrin!

I got your little comment, and this is how I did it.

My dad converted all our old movies onto DVD, from there I used an old clip and uploaded it just like a video. I have no idea on how he did this though, I can ask him though if you like.

I admore your hippiness, we use cloth napkins and rags(always have, always will) I have even tried to use paper towels and napkins, but it never sticks-- I like how the cloth work better anyhow.

I remember my dad using the brown/yellow thing. We use to laugh every time he would say it!

I like making things out of old things, or making due with what I have instead of buying new. I like to be scrappy, I think next time I have a baby, I am going to try cloth! (thats a huge deal for me... I had two in diapers and thought it would be impossible!)

Anyway, let me know about the movie thing, I can give him your e-mail or something!

hope said...

I love the hippie thang!! I would say I am about 90% to where you are. You know I used cloth diapers. Loved them!!! (I have some premium size chinese prefolds (unbleached) if you are interested. I got them wholesale from a friend, so if you are interested let me know.
I grind my wheat for flour and have done whole food for a long time. I love baking my own bread, making food from scratch. The fewer preservatives, the better!
I must say I could be better at the whole car/electric thing. We use to live close enough to a store, but we live farther and more dangerously from a grocerystore. (Snakes, no sodewalks or even shoulders on the road, etc.) I try to combine trips in the car though. My AC usage will not be cut though. Sorry. I barely run mine, but I do run it.
My favorite is maintaining our own vegetables in the garden!

Lorrin Wagner said...

Emily - please ask your dad about the video thing. I don't have too many videos but I would love to know how he did it, probably a dual VHS/DVD player and copied it onto DVD that way and then onto the computer from there, if I were to guess. Let me know what he says (and that I said hello).
I think anything you can do makes a huge difference. I had the boys both in diapers (for a short time) and honestly it isn't much different than just one. But if you do have another, please ask and Hope and I will offer tons of advise.

Hope, you are always a huge inspiration to me. I think I do some stuff you don't and you do some stuff I don't. I would love to start a vegetable garden but I am just not there yet. I need to work on mowing on a regular basis first. Perhaps next winter I will start it. I would LOVE to have your prefolds. We are in the Premium size right now and I would love to get rid of some of my fitteds for some prefolds, they just work better! Let me know what you want for them or shipping or whatever and we can work it out. Thanks!

hope said...

Sure thing... email me at

Sarah said...

You are amazing!!1

redshoes595 said...

All I can say is you are amazing. I just don't have the time or the energy to do that much and think about it. You keep up the great work, and GO GREEN!!1