Sunday, June 8, 2008


These are some videos I had trouble uploading the other day. Enjoy.

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***LIZ*** said...

Such cute video of your boys! I can't believe how big Alex is, is he all ready in a big boy bed or is that Nick's that he is playing in?

Lorrin Wagner said...

Thank you. Alex is in a twin bed. We have railing around the whole thing so he can't fall out and then pillows against the wall. We put Nick in a big boy bed around 14 months and he started to sleep better at night because of it. Alex is sleeping better but not great, he still gets up to nurse 1-2 times a night. I could cut him off but I just don't want to yet. Pretty soon he will be able to open doors and climb out by himself and then he can just come get me to nurse!

hope said...

Hey Liz!! I have been meaning to get in contact with you. We are here, on Cocoa Beach. I can't call out long distance during the day while Shawn is gone, nor can I email during the day. So, I thought I would drop you a quick comment to let you know we are here for a couple more weeks. Shawn forwarded our home number to our condo for now, so if you want you can give us a ring at 256-850-0771. I am also automobileless while Shawn is at work during the day. I hope I don't sound like I am whining.
Anyways, good to see you have been able to update your blog again. Your boys are so handsome!!