Sunday, September 23, 2007

September 2nd

Yay, we got Fluffy mail. For those of you not familiar with the term, it is when you get diapers in the mail. I am completely obsessed with the fruit and vegetable prints (as many diapering freaks are). I just started them and I truly cannot stop. It is a complete adiction and I need to go to a meeting. Unfortunately I can't even find other cloth diapering moms in my area to help talk me out of it! Oh well, I will just have to get a few more new diapers and sell some old ones.


Nick fits in the diaper easier than Alex does, he is just longer. If Nick were still wearing diapers, we would only need one size!

Also - NICK IS OFFICIALLY COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY POTTY TRAINED!!!!! He has been in undies for about 3 weeks now and is doing great, all night, during naps and while out. He tells us when he has to pee (most of the time) and now tells us when he has to poo. We love it!

I know it is just wrong, but I couldn't resist this adorable shot of their little naked bums. Nick was holding Alex up and actually talking to him. How cute is that! (I may need to fear for my life when they are in high school!)

Nick doesn't watch a lot of TV so when I let him lay down to watch a program on the computer, he is pretty stoked. He gets his dolls and puts them to bed and climbs in himself. It is great while it lasts but you should be there when it is over. Nuclear melt-down! Not a pretty sight. As such, I have now eliminated this 15 minutes of fun and replaced it with reading or playing with cars. He is just as happy to have a book read to him, less time for me but it makes the entire day easier. My sister thinks I am nuts and that he is freaking out due to him NEEDING more TV, sugar or what have you. I disagree and since I am in control, it is no TV for Mr. Nick. He doesn't even notice it being gone and the melt-down for not being allowed to watch IF he asks is much better than after turning it off, and the remainder of the day after seeing just 5 minutes of TV.

Perhaps his love of books will be that much stronger later on. Let us hope. If not, I am so sorry he will not make it to the Superbowl of Pop Culture like his dad aspires to do himself.


hope said...

Love the fluff. Don't blame you for the TV! Although we do play VHS and DVDs frequently, TV shows are unknown in our house. Sorry, we just don't like it.

Cottonspuds at HC has cute fruit prints!! Love her stuff! Skylah is 3 weeks pottytrained, too. Isn't it a breath of fresh air?? Litterally!! No more amonia nights from these toddlers! Of course you still have the little one. It is so weird having no diapering babes!!

Hey, mine are a little girlish, but mostly pretty neutral... would you be interested in some large and chunky fluff?? I made the so they would fit her slim. Let me know. I posted at HC FSOT, with no luck. is where I posted it.

Love all the pics!

Sarah said...

Congrats on the potty training. It is one of the greatest freedoms. Those are some of the cutest pictures of the boys. I love the bum shot. There are few things that are cutier than a bare baby bum.

***LIZ*** said...

YEah Potty trained!! I love the veggie prints and naked bums. I think that will be a great teenage blackmail shot.