Monday, September 24, 2007

September 3rd

So we took another trip down to West Palm to visit good ol' Uncle Milton. It was a lousy trip and started off pretty bad. We were getting everything ready and I noticed some wet clothes around the water heater. We cleaned a "path" through the garage a few weeks ago and there was a ton of moldy and wet stuff around the water heater then. I thought "it must need more room to breathe". So I gave it more space to breathe. Didn't seem to work. As it turns out, it is rusted and leaking from the power panel. This can't be good! We had a friend coming over to dog/house sit so we had to call her to let her know she would be staying without hot water and of course we paid her more for the inconvenience. We turned the water off to the machine and decided to still take the trip as Jeff had the days off and we couldn't imagine calling Uncle Milton to be late or not show up. So first thing Monday morning we took off.

Uncle Milton is sometimes glad to see us and sometimes not. This trip was a not so much one. It was still hotter than anything and he was grouchy. We spent a lot of time swimming and Nick learned how to swim with his life jacket thing on and no help! We were very proud of him and he is completely fearless. It took only a couple of hours for him to go from grabbing me with a death grip to jumping in and swimming alone!

Alex had a pretty good time. During this trip he learned to crawl. The cutest and saddest thing you have ever seen. Like a dead man crawling for water. What made him crawl you ask? That is right, this hideous monkey table that he thought was eating peanuts without him. We weren't kidding when we said he will do anything for food, including crawl!


redshoes595 said...

I am sorry the trip wasen't the greatest. That makes it hard to enjoy your vacation. I can't believe you guys are still swimming. We got snow on the mts. behind our house last night, how crazy is that.

Sarah said...

I laughed so hard at Alex. That is hilarious, will crawl for food.

***LIZ*** said...

Oh my goodness, that monkey is hideous! And I love that ALex went right for it just because of the peanuts! Too funny! Good luck with the hot water heater. I hate when things like that go wrong.

Emily Loria said...

Oh the priceless photo and story, I love the monkey and peanuts. Sorry to hear of your strife, hope it works out soon!!

Shanda said...

Way to go Alex! I love to see how babies grow and develop! You have such cute boys!

By the way I am loving cloth diapering. I found a lady here who has a store out of her house and she offers a class to go over EVERYTHING! I went last friday and felt pretty good because I had all the basics down but it was nice to be able to ask her some spacific questions. I have been dreaming about cloth diapers. Preston thinks I am obsessed but he is very supportive. I have also converted one of my friends who went to the class with me. Look what you did by loaning me those diapers! Aren't you so proud!? I am working on getting my stash but it is taking longer than I would like so I will get those diapers back to you as soon as I can! Thanks!

Anissa Mayhew said...

Ok, seriously...what's funnier? The "Why are you making me do this?" look on Nick's face or the hanging crystal tears on poor Alex....maybe that's not funny to everyone, but that picture is just precious.

i'm bummed for you that time with the uncle wasn't the best, but it looks like pool time rocked. I love that you all make the best of it no matter what.

I'm loving those pictures at Chick Fil A...will you email them to me??

Now that you're back, let's get together next week.

Lots of hugs and kisses!