Monday, December 3, 2007

A day for Alex

So Alex had a great birthday. He got some balloons, we made a cake but didn't get a chance to eat it and he got a great Basketball present. He had a lot of fun and I know he will have even more at the boys' birthday party this Saturday. Here are some videos and pictures from that day that were just a lot of fun. I tried to stop at one or two but couldn't choose.
The birthday boy playing with his new balls.

The wonderful and best birthday balloon.
He just oozes happiness!

Alex right before bed-time when he gets really wired. He is apparently a night person, especially after his brother goes to bed!

Nick trying to get Alex to sing Happy Birthday into a recorder. Not likely.

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Emily Loria said...

I love the present opening! What excitement, and good help from big brother!

***LIZ*** said...

Alex is such a happy boy! Too cute video of your boy, what a great day!

Sarah said...

He such a cute boy!!! I am glad he had such a wonderful day.