Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Happy Belated Father's Day!

So it is a little late, but


For Father's Day we made a cute and useless "Love Bouquet". We painted Daddy a picture and then cut out our (not me) hands and feet and put them in a pot on straws. So, even though its late (wasn't at the time), we still mean it. To my Daddy - Hope you had a great day, still haven't spoken to you, but I'm sure you had a good one and got my message!
Nothing says "I love you" like some video game action! Yes, I let Nick watch TV for this, although Jeff knows he isn't usually allowed, does he care - Nope.


***LIZ*** said...

You are such an awesome Mom. I love that Nick has paint EVERYWHERE! Let those creative juices flow... all over the place and onto the floor. I bet the bath tub was all kinds of fun colors after that... or did you just take him out in the yard & hose him down? My in-laws literally garden hose Michael down all the time, I love it! He goes through an outfit every time he eats at Yaya & Papa's house.

Lorrin Wagner said...

I have to admit I am one of the messiest people alive! Jeff is very patient with me and I have sort of learned to clean while I cook. I spill every time I feed one of the kids and painting is a disaster - you want to taste it - sure, paint your head - okay, JUST DON'T throw it! I think my messiness is part of my creativity and my scatter brained way of thinking. I switch through crafts, books and ideas faster than anything! I hope Alex will pick up on the creativity since Nick is usually a neat freak, he HAS to have a napkin and will freak out if you don't pick that tiny little piece of food up, totally OCD!

Emily Loria said...

I love these pictures, the paint on his head is priceless... and the painting turned out great. When we do messy things, I just do them outside and do as Liz says, hose the boys down.