Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Speaking "Nick"

He played with this house the other day for about 1.5 hours, what a great toy (which we have had for 2 years now and he loves it!).

So Nick has his own language going on right now. I can translate for most people but sometimes I don't even get it. He loves to read his Pooh books, we have almost 20 of them and he can't get enough. He will tell you which one he wants to read - "Pecial" translates to "everyone is special", "home weet" translates to "home sweet home", "up isten igger" translates to "listen up tigger" and so on. Sometimes he will call them by something other than the name to just give you a story of what happens in it. They usually start with one word, for example:

Nick: Bloon!

Me: You see a balloon?

Nick: Igger Bloon!

Me: Tigger had a balloon?

Nick: Tree!

Me: Tigger was supposed to tie the balloons to the tree?

Nick: Pop!

Me: Tigger was supposed to tie the balloons to the tree but he popped them?

Nick: Kanga roo!

Me: Kanga told tigger to tie the balloons to the top of the tree but he popped them?

Nick: Sorry. . . igger say sorry?

Me: Kanga told tigger to tie the balloons to the top of the tree but he popped them and then he said sorry.

Nick: (just smiles and remembers the great story)


Nick: Muck!

Me: What?

Nick: Muck!!

Me: You want milk?

Nick: Mik?

Me: You want milk?

Nick: Naw. Muck!!!!

Me: What?!?

Nick: Muck!!!! (he runs and goes into his room)

Me: MUD????

Nick: Muck, Igger muck baff.

Me: OOOHHHH, Tigger took a mud bath.

Nick: Pecial.

Me: Tigger took a mud bath in Everyone is Special?

Nick: laughs like a mad scientist and thinks of the great story.

Tonight I found a pull up someone gave me about 4 and a half years ago when we didn't have kids. I thought, mmm, tonight we can get a good night sleep if Nick wears this. So I put it on him after his bath. He was holding it and looking at it funny, I think it had Disney on it and he had no idea who that was (not a lot of Mickey stories around). I asked him: What is this?, he said: A Napkin. I said: No, its a diaper, we just don't use these kind. So I put it on him and he said "no naps?" - "no snaps"; "no cover" He thought it was very odd to wear a napkin to bed without snaps or a cover! What a riot!!


Sarah said...

Oh my goodness. I a LOL when I read about the snaps, covers and napkins. Nick is so funny!

Blurbs of the Holcomb Family said...

I actually did use pull-ups on Ranoah for "bedtime underwear" when she was pottytraining, and then the next two years. It wasn't until her 5th birthday Dr's checkup that we found out she had a small bladder and had to get her up every night at 10pm to have her go potty. We did that for almost 6 months, and now she doesn't have a problem. Skylah will probably welcome pull-ups for bedtime, if we have to use anything, since she doesn't care for the bulk of bedtime cloth diapers! We'll see though.... That was hillarious! I LOVE kid-lingo! Skylah will be 3 in August, and she is so awesome! She speaks so clear, but mostly when she is telling you that she is in charge, not you.

Lorrin Wagner said...

I'm pretty sure Nick has the smallest bladder known to man. Before potty training we had to use about 10 layers for his night-time dipe. Now, we get him up to pee at 10:00 and really need to again at 2 am and he will pee right at 7-7:30 if you don't catch him. We almost never get a dry night even with the 10:00 pee time.

Emily Loria said...

This is so cute! I remember bing in public and talking to Josh when he had his little lingo goin'. This one girl at the grocery store was so impressed that I knew what he was talking about, she thought we were crazy!

***LIZ*** said...

Michael just says Mom when he wants food, does that count as his own language? I love the dialog! What a smart little question asker though, you can't sneak anything past him.

Shanda said...

What a cute blog! I love it! Your kids are so cute! Do you use cloth diapers? I thought about cloth diapers a lot and I am still considering them but at the moment we use disposable. It is so fun to get in touch with everyone!

Lorrin Wagner said...

Shanda, you have to give it a try. How old is your daughter? I could send you a few if you wanted to try. I have a variety, Hope might still have some left too, she went with the homemade cloth and probably has some patterns you could make. I currently use Hemp fitteds and Wool covers. The best site for researching and getting used stuff is Diapperswappers.com They have everything, another one that will give you reviews on diapers is diaperpin.com
Let me know if you have questions. It is great catching up with you and seeing what is going on in your life. Your kids are the cutest, that Gavin has the sweetest and trustworthy face!

Shanda said...

Thanks! Hey we will have to exchange emails about the diapers because I probably have too many questions to fit in a nice neat little comment. Talia is 3 1/2 months old. We havent had any major trouble with disposables but I would just like to explore my options. here is my email: shandah@gmail.com