Saturday, June 2, 2007

2 represents both personalities my child now has!

Nick is completely bi-polar or has multiple personalities. I know it is his age but that doesn't make it any easier!
Alex finds him facsinating and gets upset when he cries.

Here we have the other personality, literally 3 seconds later!
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Blurbs of the Holcomb Family said...

Multiple personalities... hmmmm... Nope. Ranoah is stubborn, whitty & charismatic all in one; Zach is shy, mellow & considerate all in one; Skylah is... well.... she is just spunky!!

Emily Loria said...

My kids never experienced the terrible twos... now the terriable threes... that's a whole other story.

***LIZ*** said...

I think Michael might have three personalities... happy, cranky & I'm ignoring you. There usually insn't any in between. The happy & cranky I can understand but the totally ignoring you is enough to drive me nuts. The pics turned out super cute though, I am impressed you can get good pictures of them together. I can't get multiple children to even look in the same direction let alone look cute.

Lorrin Wagner said...

Nick usually sticks with stubborn, but on a good day he is very thoughtful, I am hoping these stages will pass. I am sure they are worse with a stubborn kid. I know he is worse with me than he is with Jeff!

I took 5,000 pictures in Nick's first year. I have taken who knows how many just since Alex was born. I have gotten much better at getting their attention and making them laugh. Nick usually hams it up but now I have to bribe him or tickle him. Alex will look at anyone who talks to him so not too hard.