Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My Baby #2

Alex Wagner
7lbs. 5 oz 20.5" long
Alex was born 23 months after Nick. He had a great pregnancy, very easy and I stayed EXTREMELY healthy as I was worried about high blood pressure again. For Nick I went to midwives at the hospital, for Alex I went to a birthing center with midwives at a separate facility. I was very excited about the labor there and couldn't wait to have it happen. I was a week overdue and went in for an appointment. They stripped my membranes per my request and I felt really good afterwards. I was "cramping" consistently every 7-8 minutes and went to get the doctor's office lunch. After that I drove home (30 minute drive) and ate with Nick and Jeff. I was still cramping and wanted labor to get going so we walked around the block. On the second round around the block I started timing the "cramps". They were about 3 minutes apart so I decided to call the doctor. They said it was "most likely" labor and so we decided to head in. Last time I was in labor for days so I really took my time. Jeff's mom came over to watch Nick and we got everything ready. I was in pain but not for very long and it wasn't that bad.

When we finally left at 3:45 I was in serious pain, probably from sitting in the car. I felt the same as with Nick when I was at 6 cm so I was really scared. I couldn't do this for hours without any medication. We finally made it to the highway through horrible traffic and the pain was really unbearable. Suddenly my water broke and Jeff wanted to pull over. I told him, no just keep going and fast. Two seconds later I felt and the "head was crowning" (my exact words at the moment, I was very calm and clinical) I told Jeff to pull over. By the time we stopped the baby was out and on my lap. Jeff said he was calling 911 and I didn't stop him (although I wanted to continue on to the birthing center where there is only a 4-6 hour wait before going home, once you call 911 you go to the hospital and there is a 3 day wait to go home). So the baby was born at roughly 4:20 p.m., the time of the operator call, off of I-4 just East of the Dinosaur World Exit. The 911 operator was on the phone with Jeff and he couldn't find anything in my box of baby stuff. I had a blanket, a bulb syringe and towels. He finally found the blanket and syringe and the operator told him to tie off the umbilical cord with his shoe lace. The ambulance arrived (along with 5 men and my junk completely hanging out) They had me WALK 5 feet to the stretcher and one of the guys actually stepped on the shoe lace still hanging out of my hoo-hoo! They drove me to the nearest hospital. Yes, I MADE Jeff get the camera before I was put into the ambulance, the first few shots were miserable, I didn't realize he was so shook up. He had to follow us in the van.
At the hospital they tried every intervention known to man. Jeff was wonderful in making sure everything was as natural as possible. They wanted to start formula immediately and since I was adament that it not happen they had me nurse while being stitched up otherwise they were going to do an IV. Some nurses were nice but most were not. I followed that baby everywhere, and they made me stand every time I went. I was ready to go home at 8 that night but had to stay 24 hours due to the hospital policies.

I felt WONDERFUL going natural and the labor was really only 15 minutes of pain, after that it was fine. Pushing was easy and I only had a small tear due to the position I pushed in (if you want those details you will have to call:)

See Alex in my homemade wool pants. I accidentally washed these and they are now sized for a wood nymph.

Overall, Nick was a pain in the you know where and has been ever since, never slept through the night and nursed 24/7. Alex has been very good unless you make him wait to long. He sleeps like crazy, in his crib and nurses very efficiently and with a purpose. Like night and day!

Let me hear your stories!
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***LIZ*** said...

Are you flippin' kidding me... You had Alex in the car on the side of the highway!!!!!!!! I can't even imagine, a shoelace... five feet.... hanging out of your hoo hoo. I can't compete with this kind of drama. If there was an oscar for births you would get it my friend, AWESOME!

Emily Loria said...

I was ROLLING on the floor when I read the word hoo hoo. WHAT IN THE HECK, Lauren!! You are amazing to have done this and not broken down, I would have been screaming! I can't nelieve they made you walk! What a great story for Alex to tell his grandchildren. I hope he leaves in the part about the shoelace and the hoo hoo.

Sarah said...

I still laugh when I hear or think of your story. I LOVE it. I am so glad that Alex is such a good baby for you guys, you deserve it.

Blurbs of the Holcomb Family said...

I love it!! And I took the challenge!! My post is up! Of course, yours, I agree, wins the Oscar!!! Roadside Birthing 101!!!!

redshoes595 said...

That is the best thing I have read in a very long time. Thank you. My stories are tooooo long to tell, Each with life and death circumstances but maybe someday I will tell. Have great day.