Wednesday, November 21, 2007


So we just got back a few pictures from Nachman Photography, our favorite photographers that do an incredible job!

This is Alex at his "9 month" appointment. I say that because he was actually 10 months. The golf shot was my idea and everyone that I was crazy but we all thought it turned out really good!

Doesn't he look big in these pictures.

Here is Nick on September 27th. He was so good and always gives really good smiles with Sandy.

Alex was having a hard time sitting up at this point.

The family pictures are from October 27th. I think they turned out really nice. It was a really rainy day and the boys were sick and tired but they managed to get a few smiles in.


Emily Loria said...


redshoes595 said...

your pictures are beautiful. I can't wait to be not pregnant get a new family one. We always do it for our Christmas cards but this year I think the card is on the back burner.

Sarah said...

I love the pictures, they turned out great!!!