Sunday, July 8, 2007


It is really great that the boys are getting old enough to play together now. Nick loves Alex and Alex really adores Nick and everything he does.

Nick and Alex riding the car/bike together, fun for a couple of minutes! (Nick is concentrating on holding on so hard, you can see the expression.)
Nick and Alex in the swing. Nick loves any baby toys, Alex loves anything with Nick.
The boys playing with the laundry basket.

The boys and me swimming at a birthday party on Saturday. I asked Nick to hold onto Alex, he wouldn't let go after that! (Alex and I are really white!)


Emily Loria said...

I love your photos, brothers are the best and they get closer every year. If I dicipline Josh, sometimes Ben will cry. It just shows how close they are. Yours sure are cute!

***LIZ*** said...

What sweet photos! They are so cute together. Nick is such a great big brother!