Sunday, July 15, 2007

A trip to the old West

West Palm Beach that is.

I know, it feels like yesterday we were just there, and it nearly was. But in the opinion of Uncle Milton, it has been FOREVER! (literally about 6 weeks). He is completely in love with Alex and extremely annoyed by Nick and his 2 year old behavior. Although, I can't fault him, Alex adores him and his huge nose and glasses and Nick, well, not so much.

Wow, can you see the love in Nick's face! Milton yells at him for literally everything and there is almost nothing he can touch in his house, including the remote!

Check out these guns! We were bored so we did tattoos, a few times, especially since they kept washing off.

We went swimming, A LOT! To escape the heat and the boredom.

"We have to wait for the old people to stop swimming WHY?"

Today, I will go swimming, its just what I do.

Splashing and trying to blow bubbles while playing in Bother's floater. We got some great Mommy and me time during the trip.

"Are you looking at me!"

Look how big brother is getting (and fat!)

Both Brothers got tired and hot fast!

It was a good trip, a little hot and tiring but swimming helped a lot. Nick listened to the best of his ability and tried to ignore Uncle Miltons disparaging comments while I defended him constantly. Now I am a doting mother who always protects her kids and has nothing negative to say, OR, I just don't want a kid with a complex that he is a bad person and his brother is a shining star. Either way, I don't think Nick cares what Uncle Milton says, but I'm not taking any chances. We are all still really tired from the trip but Uncle Milton loved it and had a great time wtih us. He wants to know when we will be down again, most likely another 6 weeks (long for him, short for us).

So, until next time Uncle Milt, we will think of you often and talk about your noisy clock, your great singing door bell and remember all of the wonderful breakfasts for $3.50 including coffee.


redshoes595 said...

Looks like fun, how are related to the old man? Elderly people always have hard time with toddlers. They make too much noise and are too curious. Hope it was worth it.

Lorrin Wagner said...

It is Jeff's great uncle. We are really close with him and go down there ALL the time. He enjoys it, even with the kids. He never had any so he doesn't understand much of anything. He is very grumpy and loves politics. We love him though and enjoy our time with him, he is 83 and hasn't had a great year for health. Hopefully he will stay strong!

Blurbs of the Holcomb Family said...

Looks like you all ahd a great time!

Sarah said...

Good for you for sticking in there for another visit. You are so nice to go for him even though it is not always fun for you.

Emily Loria said...

Uncle Milton cracks me up, he looks like a character on Andy Griffith. The elderly do have a hard time with toddlers, and if he never had kids of his own, that makes it harder. Was the house hot this time? It looks like you made the best of it, and actually had fun! Yay for Uncle Milton, gotta love that guy!

Lorrin Wagner said...

It was horribly hot this time! His a/c was broken for a day and a half and then he CHOSE not to use it that much. We went swimming a lot. Jeff doesn't enjoy that because it is also extremely hot outside but I loved it. We had a much better time this trip, Alex wasn't teething as bad and Nick chose to listen more. Milton tends to get better with every trip and the more time he spends with the kids helps. He also has a better time when we don't mess up his routine or spend too much time inside. Overall, a great trip! We love the old guy (definitely a unique character, picture the typical jewish old man on something like Saturday night live ranting about politics and the downfalls of my generation and my mom's generation)