Saturday, July 7, 2007

Our budding artist really has some talent!

I love the angles!

I let Nick play with my cheap camera all the time. He is very careful with it and loves to take pictures. He has recently started to look through the view finder and take the pics. He also turns the camera and does all of these vogue-esqe poses while taking the pictures. Here are a few he took - completely on his own! I can't believe how straight he got them and how nice they turned out.

We will continue our training Grasshopper. . .


***LIZ*** said...

Wow, Nick takes better photos then I do. Good job Nick. Lorrin you are such a good Mom. I have a hard time letting Michael try things out, I don't want him to break things or make a mess, & it usually is so much faster just to do things on you own... I am getting over it though, slowly but surely I realize that teaching these sweet little people is a really fun job.

Emily Loria said...

I love this, they are great photos too! What a little creative guy you have there!