Sunday, July 15, 2007

Campbell's Dairyland

So we had the perfect day on Saturday. I started out by getting up at 5:45 with Jeff to help him find a screw for his glasses. Luckily he found it and we fixed his glasses before work. I was able to take a shower, get ready, have a cup of coffee and make breakfast before the boys woke up. They have started to wake up at the same time and so right at 7:45 they both started yelling and talking in their rooms. We ate and then headed out.

1. First stop, Cracker Barrel to deliver some food to Jeff.

2. Some great yard sales that had a few toys for a few bucks. Some great finds that Nick really enjoyed. This racer went with a set and it crashes and the top pops off. Pretty cool if you ask me.

3. To the library. We returned some books and got some new ones. The highlight of the trip is a ride up and down in the elevator. My current reading selections for myself: Flags of Our Fathers and Left for Dead. I have a current obsession with WWII Pacific battle with Japan. James Bradley is an incredible author and the books read like fiction. Very good! Nick's top choices: Raisin and Grape (a book about a grandfather raisin and his grandson, Grape, very cute!) as well as What does Rain Say? Amish Horses and various others with excellent illustrations (my top priority!).

4. To the park, after Nick's pleading I gave in, it is around the corner from the library. It was brutally hot so I talked Nick into leaving for some bribery of Ice Cream!

5. Campbell's Dairyland. They have great food, great ice cream and some cool old toys. It is like Tastee Freeze but better.

Nick, drinking water over my milkshake or his sugar free ice cream! Definitely my kid!

Alex's first cone!
Great toys, nice and classic!
6. Back to Cracker Barrel to deliver Jeff some ice cream while he was at work (aww, what a good wifey!)
7. Home to play and rest. Nick is skipping his naps so we had to keep him up and happy.

After Jeff got home we decided to have some pudding for a snack. I choose to look past the horse hooves on this subject so please scan down if you are sensitive to the subject.
Mmmmm, horse hooves never tasted sooooooo goooood!

Alex fell asleep playing later, what a cutie!

And, alas, a video of Alex since he has learned to clap. He loves to have kisses blown to him and I am trying to teach him that and some other signs. He gets a kick out of all of it.

And then Jeff and I watched "Hitcher" after the boys went down at 6. What a scary and really good movie, really gave me the creeps!


Blurbs of the Holcomb Family said...

Cuties!! They are adorable! Yes, you are a good wifey!!

Sarah said...

Sounds like you had a fun and busy day. I love the video of Alex. He is seriously the happiest baby ever. So cute!

Emily Loria said...

I love all your photos, what a busy day! I had to laugh over the horse hooves... it's bones too, boiled bones... I think. Or is that glue?

***LIZ*** said...

I don't get it? There are horse hooves in the pudding?

Lorrin Wagner said...

Alex is definitely a HAPPY baby! He rarely cries (unless you take a toy away or don't feed him adult food) and sleeps a ton, about 8.5 hours a night including two naps during the day and is just so happy all of the time. We are truly blessed!

Liz, yes, pudding is made out of horse hooves, I am not sure about the bones. I have stayed away from it many times before but I just can't say no to the wonderful flavor!

redshoes595 said...

Hey are you alive out there in hot, humid Florida, just wondering if everything is okay?

lorrinwagner said...

We are okay. Just been really busy lately and having a lot of work to do so not much time to post. I hope to have something up soon!