Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Nick's room!

A while back we got Nick a new bed at a yard sale. It cost about $15 and it was a bunkbed that had been cut in half. It was EXACTLY what I was looking for and Nick really likes it. Now that he is not scared to climb in and out of it he is doing great. You can see I put the crib bumper around it as he is a wild sleeper and I was worried about his huge noggin. We call it his "Cave".
I painted this mural when Nick was supposed to be a girl. The base color is a beautiful periwinkle, girlie but not enough to change the entire room. The turtle is my pride and joy, Nick's favorite too!
We reorganized the room today when I decided that Nick has WAY too many toys and he needs some help in deciding what to play with. So we got rid of about 5 garbage bags and some other large stuff and put his train table and one train in his bedroom. What a difference that makes!
The "CAVE" and his train. I wanted to make it a reading nook but that hasn't really worked out too well, so it is just a fun cave. We got rid of all of the other toys that were in here, Nick has already started playing more!

You can almost read our "rules" on the back of the door.
1) Show Respect! (our hardest learned lesson yet)
2) Be Kind
3) Be Truthful
We figured everything would pretty much fall under one of these categories and it has worked really well for us.
And lastly, a great video of Nick from tonight. He took a quick cat nap while being punished in his bed and therefore was up WAY too late. This is what happens when he stays up past his bed time - he was literally crawling the walls! Jeff got home from work and we couldn't stop laughing while watching this video. I hope you enjoy the good laugh!


Holcomb Lady said...

That mural is awesome!! Sure beats my lighthouse mural I am doing in the dining room!!

Don't you love organizing things?!

Oh, and I am sorry, but I am still not trying octopus. I scream whem I see Calamari. I don't see how he enjoyed it, but I think it is great that he did.

Emily Loria said...

Love to see kids eating things other than junk food... don't know if I could do the octopussy... BTW my hubby LOVES that movie.

redshoes595 said...

Can you come paint my babies room? That looks amazing. Do you remembe cheating for me in 8th grade art? I still remember that darn boot and skull and all grateful I was you saved me from failing. I still feel a little bad but enough to change anything. I still can't draw anything.

***LIZ*** said...

AMAZING mural! That turtle is incredible. I can't believe that you did all that . SUper cute room. I love the cave idea too. I think we will have to do that for Michael soon too. The bedrooms in our house are tiny and that would make for some more room to play.

Lorrin Wagner said...

Thank you. I worked on this mural for a pretty long time, I am going to post pics of Alex's room too as that turned out pretty good but not as good as Nick's. I love painting and drawing and I have gotten much faster and less judgemental about doing it. I painted over several of these fish multiple times as I am quite particular, it was quite amusing at 8 months pregnant.