Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Another book

So I just realized that I read 311 pages in roughly 2 days. I didn't read it nonstop or that fast either. Apparently I have started reading faster than I used to. Either way, at least it is more efficient! (which I am all about efficiency) I just finished The Hearts of Soldiers. A very good fictional book about a girl and the troubles throughout her life and the history of her life and her family's life haunting her. It was really good and it turns out fiction is much easier to read (shocker I know). This was much better than my last two books and next I am going to try to get a book Heather recommended. Any other suggestions?

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***LIZ*** said...

You crack me up Lorrin! I love that you read all the time and crazy stuff that no one else I know reads. I wish I was as dilligent as you, I mostly just read novels though.