Monday, August 13, 2007


American POWs in Korea, Sixteen Personal Accounts

Nationally acclaimed as the Worst Book EVER!

So I just got done reading this book after reading a ton of war books lately. This was HORRIBLE! It could have easily been written by a 13 year old boy who doesn't like to read! I can now describe the basics of the Korean war but I honestly have very few facts to base my information off of. I thought the last book I read was bad, that was perfection in comparison. I am going to have to search the library to find a new Korean War book that is better written and factual so that I can be truthful and know what I am talking about! So, if by chance, you are looking for a great book on the Koren War or the POWs thereof, don't read this one! (of course I finished it, what am I, a quiter? - and it was short!)

(Seriously, all this guy did was publish some letters from POWs that were scattered in thought and not collaberated by facts in any way shape or form. At the end of each chapter was a "Helpful Information" section that still had nothing to do with the individual's account of their time in a Korean POW camp. Although interesting stories, poorly executed).

So that is the end of my rant, on to more interesting stuff:

(Sarah, I am actually wearing makeup! Aren't you proud.)

Is Alex actually getting bigger than Nick? At a doctor's appointment earlier in the week he was about 18.5 lbs. Nick is almost 28! Seriously I am gettig an awesome workout carrying them at the same time!


anissa said...

I'm proud to know that you're no quitter! At least you're reading, right?

I love the slideshow of the family, those are just fantastically cute kids you got there. What's say when my kids go back to school we get together and do a meal together? The little tykes can torture each other and we can attempt to have a conversation in person!

Lots of love,

***LIZ*** said...

I love the photo of you and Alex, you look beautiful! I hate when I end up reading awful books. I feel like it is such a waste. I am impressed that you finished though. This is the very reason I try to only read books I get recomendations for.

Emily Loria said...

You guys look so cute in your pictures!