Monday, August 27, 2007

Diaper tutorial

So this is a quick little video about what I use for my cloth diapers and an overall of what is what. Not too detailed so let me know if you want more information or descriptions. Our diapering journey started as such:

I got knocked up. I had a SUPER hippy friend I worked with and we started talking about the effect of diapers on the environment and our dumps, as human feces were not intended to be put into our landfills. I started searching the net and found some really cheap and easy cloth diapers at Babies R Us. After some more searching I found the and looked up some reviews. I was really happy with pocket dipes and that is what I went for.

We had a large number of pocket diapers called Wonderoos. They were a little expensive but a one-size diaper so we didn't need to get new sizes with the growing of the baby and therefore would spend less overall. Not really true but that is what we believed.

After Nick was about 2 I started looking at Diaperswappers and found a whole world of other diapers out there as we had always had a leaking problem with Wonderoos. We started getting some used fitteds and really liked Little Beetle brand as they are extremely absorbant and trim fitting under clothes.

After I got knocked up again I started looking into it more and found wool options. I got some and LOVED it! So great for Nick at night and for once he didn't leak during the night as he did with every other diaper including disposables. Wool was the way to go. We ordered mainly Little Beetles and other fitteds and wool - specifically Celtic Wolf Creations, by far the best wool out there for a wrap. There are also Longies - crocheted or knitted pants, Shorties - crocheted or knitted shorts, Merino wool - a wrap or shorts or pants in a cotton type of cover. The great thing about Little Beetles is they have fit both Nick and Alex at the same time and that was awesome! Alex can still fit in them and will for a very long time and then I can re-sell them to regain some of the money.

We have been really happy but now the Little Beetles have started to fall apart in our really strong washer and I have tried other fitteds and loved them, such as Bizzy Bee Hive diapers, Peewells, Little Fishey and First Class. All have been excellent and I specifically enjoy Peewells and Bizzy Bee Hive. They are rare on Diaperswappers but worth it if you can find a deal. I am in between on wool or PUL but have pros and cons with both, leaning more towards PUL right now.

(FYI: PUL - outside waterproof material, Polyester Urethane Layer; Aplix - velcro; Snaps - snapping closure - I think I named some of these wrong in the videos)

*Please excuse the twig and berries!*


Shanda said...

I just watched the tutorials! Thanks so much for doing that! I feel much more educated right now. I am getting really excited to try out the cloth diapers! I actually found two girls at church that use cloth diapers so they can help with some of my questions too. Thanks Lorrin!!! By the way... love the naked bum!!! So cute!

Sarah said...

Thank you Lorrin! I love all the information on the cloth diapers. Maybe with the next one I will give it a whirl. You did a great job with the explanations.

Holcomb Lady said...

That was awesome. You have a great stash. Since I started late, I didn't expand my stash and stuck to the basics, but I told Shawn if we were to ever have another one, I am definitely having fun with making them and buying a couple nicer ones.

Shanda, it is great to have friends who do it. Makes for good conversation, and they can give you a coupld to start maybe.

I say give it a whirl, Sarah. I think anyone who is brave enough to try them, will end up enjoying them.

Emily Loria said...

Lorrin, I love it. I wish I could have seen this when Josh was just born, I would have done it! It's so cool! Maybe next time...

Lorrin, you wonmy picture caption challenge, I need your e-mail so I can get your address and send you your homemade cards. ;)