Friday, August 10, 2007

Nick has recently started to sing. He is still a little cautious about it but he sings head shoulders knees and toes, itsy bitsy spider and some of the alphabet song. We are very proud of him. He can also count - 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 10 - Yay! We are working on that but he is doing very well.

Nick also believes that brother needs to sing now. He tries to get him to sing with the microphone and Alex actually makes some noise in there sometimes.

Nick loves his train puzzle.

The boys are working on their sharing and the more Alex can do the happier Nick is, as long as Alex doesn't touch anything that Nick enjoys or plays with in any way. Nick will usually trade a good toy for a different toy with Alex. A few toys have ended up on the trash due to Nick's inability to share, but he is trying.


***LIZ*** said...

Nick & Alex are so cute together and you take the best pictures. I am inspired by you and the other bloggers who are such great photographers, I am going to take a class this fall, hopefully I will improve.

Lorrin Wagner said...

I love photography and take a gazillion photos. There are a lot you don't see that aren't so good but I try to get the one I am looking for. I read a lot online about composition and I am also very artsy. I hope you enjoy your class. I tried to take one but it didn't work out since it was so busy - I ended up taking sculpture. I was thinking of beautiful clay sculptures but it turned out to be more industrial and interpretational. It was horrible! Keep in mind that the teachers rarely like pics of kids and dogs so you might have to open up your realm of ideas and what you like and want. Do you have an SLR camera? I have an extra body if you want it, you would just need to get a lens?

Emily Loria said...

I love to take photos, and I also take a MILLION shots. You should see the bad ones. I probably take about 100 pictures a day.

My sis took a photography class and I remember her taking photos of shadows and still life... I didn't really want to do that, so I got a few books, looked up some things on the internet, and with practice became better. I think it's in the volume.

Lorrin Wagner said...

In Nick's first year I took a record 5,000 photos in digital alone, I didn't get my digital camera until he was a month old so there were actually a lot more than that taken. Quantity definitely helps and trains your eye for lighting and composition. It is really fun! Books help a lot too!

Sarah said...

I love the shots of thier backs. SO CUTE!! Sharing....we are always working on that. Gavin and Bryson do pretty good with eachother. But they tend to leave Austin out. Poor baby :(