Monday, August 13, 2007

Recent pictures

I didn't want to add a million posts so I just did a photo strip. Enjoy! (I just found out I love Indy music, it rocks!)




***LIZ*** said...

Does Alex ever not smile? I am so jealous, Michael makes me work to get smiles out of him.

redshoes595 said...

Your kids are beautiful and so dark. They don't have to worry to much about getting burned. My kids burn just thinking about going outside. I just read a great book about the Tudors. Amazing. I highly recommend it. The Other Bolyn Girl. I learned so much. Anthony asked me to stop telling him everything. Its written in novel form but the author is praised for her accuracy. It was amazing.

Lorrin Wagner said...

Liz - no, he is always like that unless he is sick or teething. We have been very blessed with him!

Heather - I am definitely going to go get that book either today or tomorrow. I think I have heard of it before from someone. I will let you know what comes of it.

Alex is a white little boy (although I am not sure if he is as white as Heather's kids) and Nick is our brown baby. We use a ton of suntan lotion on both of them because I am paranoid, but at least if we forget it isn't too bad. But we don't get that beautiful blond hair either!

Emily Loria said...

I have a white and a brownie too... I slather them both with a ton of sunscreen too, but Josh comes out so dark and olivey-- Ben is cursed with the fair toned skin like myself.

cute photos lorrin.

Sarah said...

I love the picture of you and Alex. My boys are pretty white but they do tan pretty easily. Not that they could ever get as dark at Nick. Those are great pictures.