Sunday, August 19, 2007


(I got most of these in the picture except the purple one in the far right and the pink one) Since Nick was supposed to be a girl pink and purple aren't so bad on a boy!
There is a circus, tie dyed ones, baseball and dragons!

I am sooo excited!
I just got some new diapers in and it is too much to bear. I got some new fitteds (these go next to the bum with a cover that is waterproof, wool, or fleece over that) and they are the cutest things. They are a new brand that I got a great deal on from a mom who no longer needed them, $5.00 each which is dirt cheap as these run for $18 new. They are called Bizzy Bee Hive dipers ( and so far they are great. I have more that are coming this week that are called All in 2s (AI2) they are a water resistent outer and two layers of absorbing material inside, when the inside is dirty, you remove it and put in a new soaker and you do that until the outside is dirty/wet. Pretty cool - might sound gross but it is awesome! I only have 2 AIO (all in ones) which are just a diaper that you throw on and don't do any extra layers or inserts. I mainly have wool covers and hemp fitteds along with my cotton prefolds (the old fashioned kind). Diapers have come a LONG way from where they used to be and I love it!

I also got some prefolds - a larger size of what I had before - Indian unbleached DSQ and I am expecting some Dream-Eze diapers and some Motherease covers this week. Woo Hoo!!

So now I am selling some of my old stuff and it is so much fun. There is a lot of interest and I am making some good money. Not if you do the actual math of how much I spent, but I choose not to look at it like that. I am sure if we had used disposables it would have been much more!
we got this car one too!
Cloth diapers ROCK!!!
If you want to see the HUGE amount of diapers I am selling, check them out at:
I have a posting in every section but they are all the same.
Welcome to the new diapering world. Where we not only reuse our diapers, we reuse others diapers as well! Don't even get me started on Mamma cloth!


***LIZ*** said...

Lorrin, I am always so impressed with your efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle. I wished you lived here, I need a demonstration to get me started I think. I have been asking around to my friends and no one I know uses cloth.

***LIZ*** said...

Oh & good job with your great deals!

Blurbs of the Holcomb Family said...

Lorrin, the cloth looks yummy!! Too bad Skylah is in like a X-large!! She is huge. It made sewing her dipes very interesting. If we have more kiddos I am planning on making all the dipes for them as well. I made some AIO's, but I like the fitteds better. I may attempt the AI2's a bit, too. Look at me... I have sworn off babies and I am planning on making more dipes. Weird.

Liz... The cloth diapering world is bigger than you think. They just don't hang out in your typical online rooms. You have to go to chatrooms at Hyena Cart or Diaper Pin and ask if any mommas are in AZ and would like to get together with you. It took a while for me to like cloth, but now I love it. It is so simple compared to the diapers and pins of long ago. I also use prefolds, just without the pins. It helps with cost if you do it right (some moms spend $$$$$ on "quality" dipes, but you can work the system to get dipes to decrease your disposable spending by at least 50%. It is insane what savings you can do. Not to mention helping the environment. Did you know that you are actually supposed to rinse off your dirty disposable diapers, too?! Not many people know that, because they have stopped putting the warning on most packages of diapers. Just a little FYI.

If you are interested, let me know.

redshoes595 said...

Wow, you all amaze me, but I am of the mind set that the world will last as long as the Lord wants it to and frankly there is little we can do to prevent it from ending if that is in the plan. So I am a pampers fan and will be until the day I die. I nurse forever and that is my contribution to global warming, ozone thinning, over population, too much garbage and waste, and whatever else is too much. That is my soap box. Disregard if you feel so inclined.

Shanda said...


I think I am going to try cloth diapers but I am still a bit overwhelmed. I have to set a dedline to make myself start trying them or I am pretty sure I will never make the switch.

Hope...which diapers do you like?

So Heather and everyone else, here is my two cents for what it is worth. I think at the very least it is important to know how to use cloth diapers and have a small supply on hand. I consider it emergency preparedness because I think in a disaster diapers could be very scarce and it is nearly impossible to have a year supply of disposable diapers that would fit the appropriate size. Since I am at the begining of my family I think about that kind of stuff and will until my last is potty trained. In addition I think there are other benifits to using cloth diapers besides saving the environment. I think that cloth is better for your babies skin especially if baby is sensitive and I think it is better for potty training. Well there you have it. We will see if I am just full of good intentions or if I really switch. I am like liz, I would love a personal demonstration. :)

Lorrin Wagner said...

Okay, so I am sooo into cloth diapers, Hope was too, only she made more of her own. I tried but I don't have the attention to detail required to make them. The easiest and cheapest way to cloth diaper is to do prefolds and some cheap covers. You could spend probably $30-$50 and have everything you need for a minimum of 6 months depending on the size of your baby. Then, you can resell your diapers to other moms to reuse again!

Actually, there are many ways to be even more conscious of the environment and money and that is called "elimination communication" I have tried that but don't have enough time to make it work, that is how it was meant to be, bare bummed!

But, I want it to work for you guys as well as it does for me so I will try to make a tutorial tonight (after Jeff leaves so he won't tease me:). I will do the basics and then post them to You tube or something. I know there are other ones out there but I will make this specifically for you guys. Stay tuned!

***LIZ*** said...

Oh Lorrin, I am super excited now. What exactly is "elimination communication"? Is that just really early potty training? I am impressed by your expertese and will committ to giving this a try. Does the volume of liquid matter very much with the cloth, because Michael is a big drinker, maybe 12-15 sippy cups a day, and there fore he also fills at least 10 diapers a day to their breaking point, and not just the cheap ones, the pampers. I tried the cheap ones and went through twice as many in a day.

Lorrin Wagner said...

Holy cow Liz - 12-15 cups a day!!!! Is that all water or juice too? How often do you change him currently? Nick is a huge soaker and it really effects you more at night. You could stick with your disposables at night to start with so you don't mess up your routine. It is really about finding what is best for you and your family. How often do you want to wash, how much do you want to spend and how easy or daddy friendly do you want to make it?

Sarah said...

I am excited for your tutorial. I have always been a little interested in cloth thing, only because of you though. Things really have changed a lot since our parents were changing diapers so I am more than willing to learn more. Yeah Lorrin!!

***LIZ*** said...

He drinks primarialy water, probably 10 cups water 2 cups juice and I change him at least 10 times a day. I thought he was supposed to reduce the amount of diapers he went through in a day, but he just hangs around ten a day.

Shanda said...

WOW Liz! Thats a lot of money to spend on diapers! I think I go through no more than 6 in a 24 hour period. She only needs one at night. Come to think of it sometimes it is less than that. But I am sure that will change as she starts eating solids and drinking more liquids besides breast milk.

Lorrin...I am looking forward to the tutorial. I found some fitted diapers that are brand new for sale on craigslist. I think I might call on them.

Holcomb Lady said...

Shanda & Liz,
I did make all of mine. It is real easy, if you have the time and patience and ability to sew a straight line. It is also a great way to get beyond finances as far as cloth goes. There are a lot of fancy fibers and materials out there that are great at absorbancey and wicking (drawign the moisture away from the skin). If you are good with the basics, may I recommend finding all the flannel sheets and blankets you can spare and get ready to cut out and sew some diapers out of them. My favorite are the AIO diapers (made with a moisture barrier outside, absorbant layers in the center, and usually a wicking layer inside). I also made inserts which I use at night. They are just another quilted layer of fabrics that I didn't sew into the diapers and place them in the middle for bedtime. Another thing I use is a single piece of microfleece fabric as a poop catcher. It makes it very easy and nice to change the messy dipes. I wash dipes every 2-3 days. I use basic stuff like Tea Tree Oil, Baking Soda, Vinegar & Sensative Skin Tide detergeant. Once in a while I will put a touch of bleach in to really give them a good cleaning. I have a bunch of patterns if you are interested in sewing. I also love the fitteds. Shawn said no to fitteds because you had to basically put on two diapers. You put the fitted one on, then the cover. Lorrin uses wool, which is great, but I opted to use PUL (moisture barrier that is like a laminated fabric).

2 cents... I do what I can, easily. I don't worry about it too much for the same reasons as Heather, but I figure if there is something I can do simply, then I will do it. I recycle a lot of things around the house. I love the kind of fun the kids get from a toilet paper roll.

Elimination Communication... I read up on this for a while. It is never using any diapers. You teach them from day one how to eliminate their waste properly. A lot of people do it. Many babies have it down by the time they are 6 months old. It is quite a unique method. I am sure Lorrin could fill you all in a little more than I just did.

anissa said...


I am such a phenomenal wuss when it came to the idea of cloth diapers. I'll freely confess that I was a Pampers user....please don't throw things at me!

I spent some time catching up on your blog and was so sad to hear about the series of unfortunate events in your life. I'm praying you through it, my friend.

I'm looking forward to us getting together now that the kids are heading back to school!


Emily Loria said...

I grew up on cloth diapers, but somehow they seemed daunting to me, and since we were traveling alot, I just could not see toating around soiled diapers... BUT-- It's so weird that we are on this conversation, because I have been feeling so much more earth friendly and decided that next baby I am going to try cloth. Other things I want to try-- Being a vegetarian, eating organic, and Yoga.