Saturday, May 26, 2007

Eat your WHEELS and BALLS!

Nick loves his veggies. We call them all fun names and he loves to dip them, in anything! We went to CiCi's Pizza last night and he ate a FULL plate of veggies before he realized they had pizza.
Here is a fun Wheel with an olive on it. (balls are peas)
Nick loves to be clean and make sure everything is in its place. A little OCD. . .maybe (but definitely not from me!)
After dinner Nick helped me mow and water some plants I am trying not to kill. They are already half dead, but maybe they will pull through.
This morning we spent nearly an hour putting together this puzzle train set. We do it almost every day but Jeff and I are obsessed with having the train track go in all the right directions and Nick just sits and puts it together, over and over and over again. If we don't play with him, he accidentally drops some and needs help putting it back. What a con artist!


***LIZ*** said...

What a heart breaker little Nick is, big brown eyes, and he will have great skin with all the veggies he eats.... Good tip though, I think fun names help with the veggie consumption. I will try that with Michael.

Emily Loria said...

My boys LOVe veggies too and sometimes other moms just don't get that! I tell them, if you start from the beginning... and make it fun, it's so easy. My kids eat anything we eat, I am so not into making 2 meals for dinner.... one for the adults and one for the kids. I love that your little Nick loves Veggies too! What a good boy!

redshoes595 said...

My Collin loves veggies and fruits, but since Logan had his mouth wired shut last summer, getting him to eat anything is great. He litteraly lived off of 8 glasses of strawberry milk and if you mixed anything in it, he knew and wouldn't touch it. Now if he eats anything thats good. Trenton the same way. Since his cancer scare and lack of everything, he only likes milk, yes, they both take vitamins. Trenton however is not hurting. 120% for height and weight for his age group. He will be 4 in July and looks 5 or 6. YOu boys are so cute. Cucumbers are sooooo good. I love a little salt on them.

Sarah said...

We have a great eater and not so great eater. I think it just depends on the kid because they were both like that from day 1.

I have been dying to get a great header and just can not figure it out. So please tell me how you did it. I love your header.