Sunday, May 13, 2007

My Knight in . . . murky waters?

So I had a wonderful mother's day. No throw up and Nick was in a great mood. Jeff worked while the boys and I slept in. We started the day with a milk shake of fruit, milk, OJ and yummy Tofu (Nick's favorite food) and then just hung out and played. Alex ended up cutting his FIRST tooth! Although he wasn't happy about that, I was pretty happy and nostalgic.

When Jeff got home we went over to his Mom's house with his two brothers and had barbeque from the Best barbeque place - Al's (so it is in a gas station parking lot, that does not lessen the greatness of this barbeque!)

The boys all played Tetrus, reaching level 5! (Yes, that is a Super Nintendo, we play Old Skool around here)

Uncle Jason

Uncle Mike

My Knight, he had to wash up after touching these waters!

It rained all day and thundered a lot, should help the smoke situation. I loved it and can't get enough of the storms. But while we were hanging out at Grandma's house, a little girl dropped her bike in the ditch which is usually dry but after a 30 minute hurricane, was full of a couple of feet of water. So Jeff went to help her get her bike and she started crying she had also lost her shoe. I thought she should have just left it and went home but apparently she was worried about getting in trouble (I don't know why, the lack of supervision wasn't her fault!).

So Jeff, being the wonderful guy that he is, took off his shoes and rolled up his shorts to get the poor girl her shoe. Then, he told her to just say she stepped in a puddle so her mom wouldn't be mad. What a great guy, goes out of his way to help a poor little girl lie to her neglecting parents. Eddi said the girl is a big problem and talks back, cusses and just acts out, perhaps Jeff gave her the attention she needs to be a good girl:) Yeah right, but at least she won't get in trouble and she will have matching shoes.

What a great mother's day. I love most the cuddling and kisses that only I get. I love nursing babies and being the only one who can help kiss a boo boo. I can't wait for all of the next stages and hope I am always loved as much as I love them!


redshoes595 said...

Oh my gosh, can you believe that after what 9 years we meet on the internet. You look so good and so happy. I loved hearing from you. The surgery stories go on and on and on. Each of my children have had at least two. Logan,4,due to braking his jaw last summer. We are ready for a repreive from the medical bills. Luckily Anthony has an awesome job with AMAZING benefits so the bills are not quite as bad as they could be. So good to hear from you and your baby is so cute. Happy mother's day.

Sarah said...

I am glad you had a good mothers day. I had a nice one too. Jeff really is a great guy. Not many would go in yucky water like that. GO JEFF!!!!!

***LIZ*** said...

I am also impressed with the shoe retrival. You make me laugh though, I think the same thing, when parents are absentee and then punish the kids that they let run wild. I never understood parents who have kids but don't want to care for them.

Lorrin Wagner said...

Jeff has an excrutiatingly nice guy complex, always needing to save or take care of someone (fortunately it is usually me:)

Emily Loria said...

Have you guys had bad smoke problems because of all the fires? My Jeff was in Fort Walton last week and wanted to bring us out this week. Where abouts in Florida do you reside?