Thursday, May 24, 2007


My Whitey baby and my Chicano baby.

So we went to the Picture People in the mall today since we had a coupon. I like them because they use large format cameras and tend to do a pretty good job. Today was much better than the last few times but we had a different photographer. So here are the few we bought.

Such a happy little boy. Seriously, he never cries. I thought it was a myth that babies would actually sleep through the night and in their crib!

That is Corn in his pocket, it seemed to make him happy at the moment.

Me and my boys


Blurbs of the Holcomb Family said...

Love the pics! Sometimes, you never know what kind you will get. These look like they turned out great!

Sarah said...

I love coupons. The picture people did a great job.

Emily Loria said...

Adorable. I love them. Good choices.