Wednesday, May 9, 2007

So we had a really great day. It is Jeff's day off so we started out by sleeping in, as much as possible with a 5 month old, but he came to bed with us at 5 am and slept until 8 when Nick got up. I made blueberry pancakes and cheese and ham omelets (which I do every day) and then worked for a couple of hours.

After that we went to a place called Pump It Up. It is an indoor play zone with about 10 HUGE inflatable things. They mainly do birthday parties but two days a week they allow little kids to come in and play for a couple of hours. It was $8.00 for Nick and we all go to play. We were only there for about 45 minutes since we were late but it was a really great time. After that we went to the pottery painting place and painted a plate for mother's day. It was really fun but Nick got bored really fast and Alex didn't sleep as long as we had hoped. We finished pretty quickly and came home for a nap. I worked through the boys' naps (Jeff, Alex and Nick) and then we got up and played for a little while so that I could finish some stuff and make some calls.

After that we went out with Jeff's brothers, Jason and Mike to the new Cheesecake Factory in the mall.

Nick loves his uncles and had a really great time playing with them.

During dinner we had about 5 people stop to see Nick's hair and ask about it. On average we have about 5-8 people per outing stop us to see Nick's hair, talk to him or just stop and point and comment. This doesn't bother Nick or any of us. Although we do worry about Nick becoming such an attention hog that he won't be able to stand not getting the attention. So we have thought about cutting it but still haven't decided. It is the cutest haircut you have ever seen, although it requires a little extra work but Nick seems to really like it.

So anyway, we are sitting there eating and of course we amuse each person and talk about his hair and how old he is, yada yada yada. Amusingly enough, if you ask Nick what his name is, he says it is Alex and if you ask how old he is, he says 3, the age he had to be to ride something at the fair. Very amusing to us but no one else usually notices.

So we are finally done after about an hour, waiting for our food, waiting for them to fix it and then waiting for, of course, our cheesecake. As we are walking out the table next to us stops me and asks to take a picture of Nick. I was surprised and said yes and then 3 people at this table pull out their cameras, phones and palm pilots to take pictures of Nick. He hamms it up and says his name is Alex and smiles for the cameras after I tickle him. He wasn't bothered at all, perhaps due to the fact that I took 5,000 pictures of him in the first year.

So Jeff and I were amazed and felt like rock stars or parents of Maddox Jolie or something. Nick could care less but was upset that he didn't get to ride the merry go round before leaving.

We came home and Nick reluctantly took a bath. Here he is getting his hair gel washed out. (Notice how the spikes don't move under the force of the water.)

So we are contemplating the idea of cutting off the beloved mohawk and perhaps getting a military buzz. So far everyone I have asked about getting it cut has said not to and that it would be a shame to lose such an absolutely adorable cut. I tend to agree, but Jeff who never liked it and still doesn't like it is leaning toward the military cut. We shall just have to wait and see. Although I did promise Alex that he and Nick can have matching mohawks when he is two, I can't exactly go back on my word.


Sarah said...

How funny...I guess the old saying...take a picture it lasts longer really is true. Can I get a picture of nick too? Aside from his hair...nick is SO cute and alex is getting more adorable everytime I see hime. I love the cheecks. You are looking great, 5 months later and it does not even look like you ever even had a baby. I am jealous!!

Sarah said...

PS I am not smarter than a fifth grader. (can't spell)

***LIZ*** said...

That is amazing hair. I can imagine that you get stopped all the time. I am of the opinion that little boys (or girls for that matter) either are attention hogs or they are not, they just come that way. So if he is an attention hog better that he get attention for cute hair rather then acting out. But I could never handle the maintenance; I rarely do my own hair... I can't wait until Michael has more hair.... and Sarah, don't worry most fifth graders I know can't spell either; it's the spell check we have all been ruined. And I think you both look great especially after multiple births.... I am still working on the first baby weight, but he is done nursing, so now I can really get back in shape.

Lorrin Wagner said...

I had not thought about it that way Liz, now I have an arguing point to keep the haircut!

I agree, I think Sarah looks incredible, especially after 3 kids!
I would have to say the nursing is my biggest help. Of course I can't eat potatoes, fried food, soda (although I now allow myself coffee), pizza or anything else that even resembles bad food so that seems to help quite a bit. I nursed Nick for 18 months and the weight fell off after I started waitressing at 3 months, now I have to actually exercise to lose some of the flab:)

Bree said...

Keep the hair cut!!!!