Friday, May 25, 2007


Today I tried Hope's from scratch pancake recipe. It was WONDERFUL! I used the applesauce and half whole wheat flour and it was REALLY, REALLY good. I will never use a box again! (unless I'm out of eggs). Thank you Hope for such a great recipe, I will be looking for some more useful and healthy recipes to come:)

Nick got a cooking set from Cracker Barrel (where Jeff works and we get a 40% discount) so we decided to make handprints and footprints for keepsakes. He really loved it!

Alex is in my FAVORITE wool cover here. He is almost too big for it so I am using it as much as possible. I need to crochet some but don't seem to have the time with work lately. Perhaps I will before he grows out of this one. He looks like a little hippie from a commune here!


***LIZ*** said...

Wow!! I love all the new posts.... your boys are soooo cute. I love the photos, and you look very beautiful! Maybe I need to try the no pizza, no cheese, no anything at all bad for me diet too. I can't ever seem to stick with it though. I do grind my own whole wheat flour though, so I think when we get back home I will try that with half whole wheat flour & applesauce. What a sweet little hippie boy, that picture of Alex is my favorite.

Sarah said...

How boys love "helping" in the kitchen too. Alex is adorable!!

Lorrin Wagner said...

Wow, how in the world do you grind your own flour - does it take forever? I eat some bad stuff just in small quantities and I try to make it all at home. I usually force down a plate of salad with a ton of stuff on top first and then I can eat whatever pasta or bread I want after that. I try to stay active and I think that helps a lot too along with the little one sucking it out of me!

I saw that picture of Bryson "helping" in the kitchen, I don't think I want that kind of help! But it was an adorable picture!

Blurbs of the Holcomb Family said...

Glad you enjoyed the pancakes! I have done the half-wheat ones as well. Yumm! I, too, grind my own wheat (I think it is a weird Mormon thing, but it is catching on in the modern world!! LOL Actually, my NON-mormon step-mother-in-law gave me one of her spare grinders that is electric, but you can also hand crank it if the power ever goes out.)
Lorrin, I have a all-wheat waffle recipe somewhere if you want. I love it, but you do have to spray the waffle grid with some thing to keep the wheat from sticking! Let me know!!