Thursday, May 24, 2007

My boys

Alex is starting to eat solids. We have tried a jar of baby food someone gave us of Squash and we also tried bananas. So far he seems to like it.

Nick snuck this in and tried to feed brother. He thought that was wonderful! Brother didn't seem to mind too much either.

Angel is always trying to put her nose in when there is food around. She LOVES the boys. They love her kisses too.
I took the boys outside for pictures on Sunday since we all looked so nice. The boys look like they are in GIANT-LAND in this chair.


Blurbs of the Holcomb Family said...

You have a beautiful family, Lorrin.

Sarah said...

I love that picture of you and the boys. I love taking pics on Sunday's too, it seems like one of the few days when everyone gets dress up.

Emily Loria said...

LOVE the pic of the boys in the chair. It is adorable!